Sunday, 26 April 2009

random inspiration post!! horroray!

alex kapranos (who, on friday, after their show at hob, told me i looked like a girl he was in a band with in glasgow in the 90s. best compliment ever? i think so)

faris (this picture was taken last night by some person...faris didn't compliment me, but he did talk to me. hehe, yay). i think i told every one of the horrors that i liked their shirt or shoes or jacket...but they really did have on such perfect outfits.

le karen.

this shirt by this brand that discotheque confusion recently posted about. this picture is really weird. i dunno why, but i really like the shirt.

and here she is.

from the sart a few weeks ago. this totez looks like an outfit i would wear haha.

some freaky stalker picture of matt, alexa, and alex. but it is cute. this reminds me that i want to go on a picnic with my friends soon.

liebemarlene. everything she wears i'm absolutely in love with.

this is something she posted a few days ago. absolutely gorgeous.

the end...this shows how much my taste varies huh. hahaha. from punk to florals.

edit: btw, i finally remembered my twitter password (big dealz for me), so yeah, follow me. i am lydiawells. twitter is really confusing, what do you even call your sn or whatever?

Tuesday, 21 April 2009



those letters exhibit the indescribable joy coachella gave me. but just in case you still can't understand how epic and crazy it was, i'll just tell you all the bands i saw, and then you'll see. i am not responsible for jealousy, by the way. heehee.

noah and the whale-even though charlie fink's voice was lost, and it was not the prime time spot, i (as well as many other people) really enjoyed their set. they did very well and entertained the crowd, but not in a lame way, and overall it was just a very nice, pleasant show. and charlie's voice still sounded lovely.
we are scientists-after being energized by n&tw's set, i ran over to see this set, which, of course, was awesome. i loved this band, then grew tired of them, and still love them, just not as much. but i've been reminded how awesome they are and why i loved them so much. they played a great set, which was very enjoyable. not to mention the weather was actually pleasant for once.
steve aoki-well, the only reason i went to this set was because a friend of my mom's friend was doing the visuals for it, so i thought, why not...all i can say is, there was a guy in a wedding dress. ohhh yes.
m. ward-amazing, as always. even though the set started off badly due to a malfunctioning amp, that was soon resolved. the show was very nice. nothing else hindered m's playing (is it just me or does it feel weird calling him matt??) and, in fact, he played extremely well. the songs were well-executed, and the heat didn't seem to bother him at all (whereas a lot of the bands would complain). it was a great set, and it was nice to see him preform again.
da mvb-this was my third time seeing conor oberst and the mystic valley band, and it was, of course, really fun and hilarious. seeing as their new album will be coming out soon, they played a lot of new songs. definitely not the best i've seen them, but it was still pretty great. just to hear jason boesel sing was enough for me (since i love him more than mr. oberst. hehe)...and that would be why i left to go see the next band soon after he stopped singing.
franz ferdinand-absolutely amazing. i'm seeing them tomorrow (!!!!) so their set wasn't much of a priority for me. i watched from afar, and what i did see was great. they played many old songs, which was awesome to see, and because i last saw them in 2006, i can't remember anything about seeing them live. they are superb musicians, and i really admire their talent. boy, they deserve all the fame they've gotten and more.
crystal castles-well, i'm kind of bitter about this group now because of the disaster that was their "show" in dallas...or what would have been their show in dallas...on april 14. of course, i don't really know what happened, it could have been something completely different than what was reported, but from what i've heard, i can safely say that no band playing the granada has EVER complained that much about the sound. the granada theater has a wonderful sound, atmosphere, and space, and even if it didn't sound great for their soundcheck, a band who cancels their show two hours after they were to come on for any reason other than sickness or an emergency, has a problem. yet i saw them at coachella, and they were...crazy. and all the hipsters were overrunning the tent so i couldn't see much of them. but i did see alice glass climbing the rafters, which is pretty badass, if you ask me.
n.a.s.a-SCARY SCARY SCARY. the only reason i saw this was because beirut was next and i wanted to be in the front. but the crowd/band have scarred me for life. oh. my. god. unbelievably frightening and disturbing...what was the whole spiel about kanye anyway??? and please don't say the name of your band over and over again in every song, that's annoying.
BEIRUT!!!!-about the opposite of n.a.s.a., this set was the highlight of coachella '09 for me. as you are all well aware of, i'm head-over-heels in love with zach condon. he's a genius and his music has inspired me in more ways than even i know. just the excitement of seeing them was enough to make my...year, and the show did not even remotely disappoint. zach was at his prime (or so it seemed), as the rest of the band was. they played seamlessly and executed the songs (that would usually be hard to play without a full brass band) perfectly. i cried during the set (okay, i know, lame, but it was that beautiful). i don't even mind that i only took two pictures of them (my camera decided to tell me i didn't have a memory card right then), because the memory is firmly planted on my mind. it was a gorgeous set, and the 50 minute time slot was a perfect amount of time, seeing as each song was epic. i still have trouble believing that i actually saw beirut live...zach's band works so well with him, they have that camaraderie on stage that most bands struggle for their entire career to obtain. the crowd was perfect as well, which is a major issue at festivals. i think it's safe to say that we were all stunned at the beauty and talent of the band and their set. i know i was, and still am.

didn't see mr. mccartney (don't hate me, i regret it) for some reasons i couldn't escape.

tinariwen-this is a band from mali, who were the first tuareg band to use electric guitars. their music is gorgeous (of course, any african music is beautiful to me). they are extremely talented musicians, and deserve international fame. i think they definitely got a little taste of that at coachella on saturday, where they played for a very enthusiastic, very happy crowd. i bet the set felt a little like being back home for them, with the desert and palm trees behind them, and the dry hot weather. haha. it certainly made my day-nathan and i were giddy after seeing them play. i respect them a ton, and i'm very glad to say i saw them. i would recommend them to anyone. they are wonderful, grateful performers.
tv on the radio-eh eh eh. i only overheard their set for kicks, i don't like their music all that much. in fact, i really don't like their music. so yeah. they played the one song that i like, and another one (that newspaper man song) that i find hilarious. so it was awesome even though i don't like them haha.
fleet foxes-eh again. not very into this band, but i respect them and they've got a nice sound. it was interesting to see, too, and i thought, why not listen to their set. so i did, and it wasn't great, but it wasn't half-bad.
m.i.a.-well, this was surprising. not surprisingly good, although the set was...funny and interesting. it was surprisingly boring. of course, i don't know much about m.i.a., but from what i heard on saturday, she doesn't have a great live act. it was kind of like they were wasting time until they could play paper planes and get over with the set. and then there were these AWFUL horns they kept blowing, even while someone was talking. i couldn't stand i left a little before the last song to get closer up for jenny.
jenny lewis-beautiful. unfortunately, she didn't play as many songs off of rabbit fur coat as i would like, but the songs she did play were perfect. acid tongue was amazing, because the whole crowd was singing, and she invited the mvb to sing as well. i have immense respect for barbara gruska, who plays drums for the band, and she played extremely well that night, too. jenny also played a solo silver lining, which is my favorite songs, and perhaps one of the only songs i do like, off of under the blacklight, and it was beautiful. the crowd was accepting and as excited as jenny's band was. overall, it was a great set, and i loved seeing them play again.

bjm-really cool/awesome. i didn't see much of their set, but what i did see was enough for me! haha. they were great. so were all the (really) old people getting really into the music.
peter bjorn and john-surprisingly amazing! this set was probably made better for me because i had the chance to lay down and bask in the (not as hot as before) sun and listen to the pleasant sounds. but anyway, they were awesome, and robyn was there! and she is crazy cool, because she was great on nmtb (not the only reason, but you know..). it was a nice show, very relaxing and fun.
yeah yeah yeahs-this was so...happy. karen and nick and brian seemed to be so excited to play, and karen smiled this huge smile throughout the entire show. when an artist shows that they really enjoy playing for you, it's magical. and this certainly was. especially since they played so many old songs! hooray. and i think i love everything that their designer, christian joy, creates. karen's dress was phenomenal. so was their playing. i had to leave early to see devendra, but what i heard was perfection.
devendra banhart-this set was also as phenomenal, if not more. when i ran up to the stage as they were playing their (probably) second song, devendra's band consisted of none other than rodrigo amarante. i was ecstatic. then, as devendra invited onstage binki! and matt romano! i became even more ecstatic. then, when they started to play keep me in mind, by little joy, i could not have been more ecstatic. the set was unbelievable. during the closing song, har mar superstar came onstage and played. it was like a huge party...full of talented guest musicians. it was a lot of fun, and you could see that the band was having fun as well.
the horrors-i rushed over to the horrors after seeing devendra, and WOW was i surprised. they played all new songs, which actually sounded very joy division-esque and amazing. to me, they were perfect. they have great camaraderie, great talent, and one really attractive lead singer. hehe. of course that wasn't the most important part-i stood stunned at how cool and, well, badass they were. the set was so...punk. unbelieveable.
the kills-this was the last set i saw at coachella. so obviously it had to be memorable and good. and boy, did it live up to those standards. alison and jamie were at their prime and played tons of old songs. the crowd was great, the sound was not so great (the drum machine was a bit too loud, then too soft, then too loud again, and alison couldn't hear herself), but it didn't matter-i had fun-especially with the anticipation and excitement of seeing the kills this saturday. the show was great, and i can't wait to see them (for the fourth time, might i add) again. i'm very glad that, although they had trouble, the band played well and were as cool as ever. not to mention they have some really amazing clothes. :) overall, the set definitely planted a very good memory of sunday night in my mind.

i definitely didn't get to see everyone i wanted to see, due to my being lazy and...other things. but it was completely worth it, and i had an amazing time at coachella. it was so perfect. i could not ask for anything more.


p.s.i have an awful sinus infection and am about to go to sleep on my i apologize if the last few reviews of bands are lacking in any way. i hope i didn't cause too much jealousy in your hearts.. ;)

Sunday, 5 April 2009


hi. i'm blonde. i decided to just go for it.

what do ya think?

i have to apologize for not posting for so long...i've been so insanely, incredibly busy, and when i haven't been busy, i haven't been inspired. i will get back on track asap. if it tells you how busy i've been, i haven't even checked on ANY of the blogs i follow in the past, say, week? and i'm addicted to them.

so yeah. i'm in california right now, going to coachella, and it's going to be 100 degrees. bleh bleh bleh. not that i'm not excited about hearing BEIRUT AHHHH but i had a heat stroke today which was awful and i'm not looking forward to even hotter weather. but whatevz i'm sure it'll be fine.

okay i seriously have nothing more to say except i'm sorry! i will probs post after monday about how coachella went. i know i've been such a bad blogger, i'm really sorry. please don't forget me! haha.

love, lydia