Sunday, 31 August 2008

erm, a bunch of topics

so, we played a nice show last night, our first time playing at the door dallas, which is right across the street from me, and despite the trouble we had with the venue, i really had a nice time. but now that all the fun's over, what am i to do? the time for education has come again. unfortunately, i start school on sept. 2. it feels like summer should just be starting! and i'm bored out of my mind, the last thing i want to do is study. the thing i do want is patrick's sweater. 
and these tights.
and LOAFERS. i have looked all over uo for the pretty loafers i saw online, but i haven't had any success.
in other news, i cut off all my hair, almost. i wish more people liked it, but at least i love it. it's so short, so i can mess it up all i want and almost never have to wash it (of course, i'm a very clean person, so i do wash it). i would have a picture up but i don't have any pictures just yet. hopefully someone took good looking pictures of me last night? also, i wish i had the courage to dye it blondish silverish like agyness deyn's. or red like patrick wolf's. i don't think i have it in me just yet! i'm enjoying my attempts to look like this picture of edie sedgwick:
i did my makeup like that last night, my hair too, but i think i came out more punk than anything else ha. and i am not doing my makeup like that every day, that's for sure.

that's all.

Sunday, 24 August 2008

female fashion idols!

i have been thinking about some people whom i've recently wanted to dress like, so i decided to write a list of them:
-alice glass. her style is amazing, just effortlessly cool. she's really become one of my fashion icons, because she always looks so awesome. i love that she wears vintage t shirts and cardigans (cardigans are my absolute favourite things to wear). she wears them a bit loose (unlike the more popular tight shirts and sweaters), with tight pencil skirts or pants. that's really what i'd love to wear (and what i try to wear). unfortunately, i have yet to find the perfect-fitting t shirt, but thankfully i already have tight skirts and big cardigans. anyway, she's really, really cool and i absolutely love her style.
-natasha khan. i've just recently discovered that i do like her music, and that i do really adore her fashion sense. she really perfects that girl-at-austin-city-limits-with-cute-boyfriend-who-somehow-doesn't-look-drenched-in-sweat kind of fad, with the headbands, pretty hippie dresses, colourful eye makeup, and long hair. this kind of style is the kind i really WISH i could pull off, but haven't yet found what clothes to get for my pulling off of it. besides being quite stylish, she's a genius musician.

-agyness deyn. first of all, (the last i heard) she is dating albert hammond jr. so that automatically makes her the luckiest on the planet. besides that, she has the most amazing, unique, cool style i've ever seen. she's adorable. and her real name is laura hollins. her hair is pretty perfect, she pulls off that peroxide colour like no one else. i can't even begin to explain her style in my own words, but i love that she wears just such unique things, and pull all of it off.
-alison mosshart. oh my god, she's so sexy. and effortlessly cool. and i could go on. when i saw her live, i didn't even know much of the kills, but after that i decided i basically have a crush on her. being a drummer, i always want to look cooler and more rocker-chick than i normally do (somehow i always go back to looking "sweet"), and i want to dress like her when i play. i think she's dating noel fielding, who is awesome despite his previous dates, so that makes her more awesome. the list of why she's awesome goes on, but basically i just love how she looks, no matter what, she makes almost anything look cool.

that's all for now....if ever you meet one of these girls, buy them endless drinks.

Thursday, 14 August 2008

the olympics

i'm not an athlete, and i never have been. actually, the only sports i've ever played were tennis (which lasted from about 2002-2005), figure skating (i only took lessons when i was a really little kid), and soccer (2002-2004). but every time the olympics roll around, i'm extremely interested in them. my first conscious memory of being interested in the olympics started back in 2002, when the utah winter olympics were held. i still had an immense appreciation for figure skating. so i would watch every event, and dream about one day being an olympic skater. skip to the 2004 summer olympics in athens. i especially felt a bond with these olympics seeing as i had been to athens for the first time in 2000, i had developed an interest in european fĂștbol, and had done gymnastics for the first (and last) year in 2003. so carly patterson, naturally, was my hero. i dreamed about being an olympic gymnast. and while it would be a tad weird for me to still be interested in those sports, even though i don't play any of them now, i learned a whole lot from watching the olympics. it astounded me that people could be so good at sports, people who weren't already household names like david beckham and mia hamm and michelle kwan. that, and whenever an athlete won gold, they would be so proud and their country would be so proud of them, and their anthem would be played and all the work they put into whatever their sport was, would have paid off, because this is what they worked for.

after the athens olympics, i lost interest in the athletes and the winter olympics, until now. i've been faithfully watching every sport that interests me this olympics: swimming (of course, michael phelps also blew my mind in the 2004 olympics), gymnastics, track, even beach volleyball and synchronized diving! just because it's fascinating to see their dreams come true, whether it be being at the olympics, or winning a medal. or even if their dreams don't come true, their reaction and the sportsmanship people show and all, is just so interesting. and i've learned that the sports are interesting, too! i still don't care much for softball or baseball or really even basketball, but most of the other sports are so great to watch. i've learned so much from watching them, i now can tell when people do a really great job, a mediocre job, or if they fail miserably, which makes me seem sports-wise, ha. i can also interpret the gymnastic scoring system (which i've decided i hate), i can tell you who won certain track events, when kerri walsh and misty may were last defeated, and who guo jingjing is. so that's what's been taking up my time lately. i've been watching the olympics. and hey, i've just recently started really enjoying running, maybe i'll one day be fast enough to compete. (kidding)

Monday, 11 August 2008

pete doherty

ok, yes, i know just about everyone has already said something about their stance on pete's problems. but, whatever, better late than never. despite his addictive behaviour, he has had some serious awesome fashion sense in the past few years. i also still think he's a genius songwriter and i believe he'll sooner or later rid himself of the rubbish he's collected over the years. and yeah, i think he's extremely cool even with his drug addiction but you know if i ever met him, i'd tell him to STOP because if he would, he'd be such an awesome musician (and poet and artist), even more awesome than he already is. and in roberto cavalli's fall 2007 ad campaign, he looks swell. shows if he cleans up, he looks great. and while he didn't look too great coming out of jail in may, who does..i really hope he finally sobers up long enough to quit his sad addiction. then, i'll be able to truthfully say he's charming. (if i don't meet him first. i'm absolutely positive he's a charming fellow.) so yes, that's the fine grime for the day. god speed, petey!