Sunday, 27 September 2009

i'm very sorry

i haven't posted in the longest time! the truth is i've been extremely busy lately. insanely busy! the only things i've been doing for the past few weeks is practicing piano incessantly, running, and writing endless essays and reading endless books.

i did go see the horrors/crocodiles/the burning hotels at the granada the other night, which was pretty nifty. they were all really great, really talented.
the burning hotels:

one really blurry picture of crocodiles (there lighting was dim and they moved around...a lot):

faris recognized my brother and i from previous shows, which made my week.

another band that has made my week is fanfarlo. i rediscovered how much i love if only they would come here!!

alright...i'll post soon, i promise! right now i have to do more work.. :(

Monday, 14 September 2009

just some of the collections i've liked over the past few days of nyfw:

behnaz sarafpour was really pretty and ladylike...and also a bit boring, but very realistic. i don't think i'd necessarily wear most of the pieces, but i would definitely enjoy looking at them on other people haha.

erin fetherston was lovely, what with the shoes and little gloves and hats.

i really loved this look from dkny:

other than that and a few other outfits, i didn't like that collection.

karen walker was cool. there was kind of a party-in-the-hamptons thing going on, but the slight quirks and awesome socks and HATS made up for it. i also loved the psychedelic print.

ok, i think the glasses could have been put aside...but still, very nice, very nice.

i was also pleased with united bamboo. everything's kinda shiny and looks fit for a clown, which is awesome. and, of course, i loved the pale pink pieces.

plus, ali michael was in this show, which made me proud. she's from mah city, you know.

jeremy laing was cold and reminded me of concrete. i love the shapes of some of the clothes.

gary graham's lookbook is breathtakingly beautiful. i mean, wow! look at that fabric!

Thursday, 10 September 2009

two movies and an outing

ahh, school is so...time-consuming. i obviously lied when i said i'd post on monday. i've had a pretty eventful week, though. not only with school and everything related to that, but i treated myself to a couple of lovely movies and one really great night.

on thursday, to make up for the fact that i couldn't be at nyfw this week, i went to dallas' version of fashion's night out. you see, since vogue has basically forgotten how lovely a city dallas is, we conducted our own fashion's night out! there was a screening of valentino: the last emperor at my favorite restaurant (where they know me hehe), there was a bunch of activity at neiman's and hugo boss and other stores, and a general sense of "dallas is fashionable, too!". i got all dressed up (drop-waist dress and mary jane heels and lace) and joined in on the festivities. first, we went and ate and watched a little bit of valentino. then, we stopped by barney's and talked to our friends about what collections we were excited for and how amazing dries and burberry prorsum are. then, we went to neiman's, mainly to get the fno shirt (which is the most comfortable thing ever)...they had a life-size board game type thing where you could win a $1000 shopping spree, a funny dj, and FOOD everywhere. there was also an abundance of obviously-important-in-the-dallas-fashion-scene people there. anyway, it was a fun night, and even though it's not paris, russia, greece, london, new york, brazil, or china, there's still a great sense of community in dallas' small fashion scene.

this is me in the's very swingy! haha.

i watched the edge of love the other night. it's such an amazing movie...and the clothes are just lovely! i really think i should have been alive in the 40s. i love the florals and cardigans and boots and stockings.

oh, and i think i'm the only person in the universe who likes kiera knightley.

i also watched marie antoinette, which i had been wanting to see for an extremely long time (i guess since 2006, when it came out). it was really gorgeous and i don't know why people complain that it's slow. maybe i was just entranced by the pretty-ness of the whole thing and wishing that i had endless tarts and petit fours, but i love love loved it.

i for one loved that sofia coppola kind of made her own interpretation of marie antoinette's life; it was like a 21st century marie antoinette.

Sunday, 6 September 2009

black and white

i was nonchalantly walking around my mall last night at 9:30 when i suddenly stopped in front of the kate spade store with my mouth agape. two of the most gorgeous dresses i've ever laid eyes on were displayed in the shop window, along with a wonderful little coat. unfortunately, the shop was closed, but as soon as i got home i looked up the dresses and coat online. i think i'm in love.

aren't they lovely? and the way they're styled is just perfect. i love the fall looks page at kate spade. it's awesome, and makes me lust for the clothes even more. i think i love every single outfit! the first dress looks very edie sedgwick, which i love.

speaking of edie, arvida posted some pictures a while ago of her edie imitation...and they turned out really freaking well. i think i've talked about how much i strive to do edie-esque makeup and hair haha.

i start school on tuesday, so posting might be a little sparse for a short time. actually, scratch that...i'll post tomorrow, but after that, posting will be sparse.

Wednesday, 2 September 2009

getting ready for fall

i saw inglorious basterds the other day. it's nothing short of amazing!! i really can't get over how good it is. i mean, it's messed up and disgusting, of course...but somehow all those unnaturally horrific ways of dying are made funny?? i don't know, you just have to watch it. i promise i'm not a sick human being who laughs when people's brains are getting knocked out by a baseball bat. yeah.

my school starts this tuesday, so i had a tri-annual-clean-out-my-closet-day yesterday. not too successful. but i did get rid of some very old pants, therefore making room for my newly bought jeans!!! that was a momentous occasion for me, because i have a reputation for never, ever wearing pants, especially jeans. i finally found about 3 pairs that really do fit me well, and i'll most definitely be wearing them.

jeans were on my list for fall. so were the wedges i showed a few posts ago. although the list will most likely keep growing as the weeks go by, the final things on my list are these boots...

i posted a similar pair before, but the ones above are cheaper, more detailed, and are geniune winklepickers. but i'm still not sure...these are unisex sizes, i guess (??)...while the others are women's sizes for sure. the jeffery campbell ones would definitely be the safe choice, but do i want safe? haha, i don't know. input?

another thing i really want is a really soft, huge cowl. there's an abundance of them on etsy, and i was looking for something on the cheap side, but it looks like i'm gonna have to spend a minimum of $50. of course, i'd love to have one of these, but unless i suddenly come upon a large amount of money, i won't be getting that. i'm willing to spend $100 on jeans and shoes, not on scarves that i'll only be able to wear for 4 months haha.