Thursday, 27 August 2009


found on qin at the disco, and the clothes horse, via vanessa jackman.
i love that editorial...these two pictures are my favorite. the huge eyelashes and golden hair and 60s feel is just so lovely. perfect for fall, even though it was probably meant for spring. and once it gets cool enough to wear tights and a cardigan, i am definitely going to copy the last girl's outfit.

i've been listening to plastiscines' newest album while i run (it's great to run to), and i've been reminded about how sexy/adorable they are. i saw them back in june with patrick wolf and i think it's safe to say that the entire venue fell in love with the girls. they also have nice style; the wear a lot of leopard and leather...i love it.
de google.

why is it that parisian girls have that mysterious ability to make everything look chic and sexy? they can wear the simplest of pieces, and somehow it still looks effortlessly beautiful. here are some examples of characteristically sexy parisienne girls:

from vanessa jackman and the sart.
see? they're able to wear strange combinations or maybe even slightly awkward pieces extremely well. i try to emulate these girls' looks, but i end up failing...miserably. still, they inspire me to no end. i just don't know what it is that makes them look so perfect!

Saturday, 22 August 2009

many things

every time i watch amelie, it makes me appreciate things so much more and find everything beautiful. i think it's a good idea to watch it when you're feeling down or are generally unimpressed by your surroundings. of course, it's a good idea to watch amelie at any time. i hadn't watched it in about 6 months, until last night, and now my love for small pleasures in life is renewed! (no i am not exaggerating, the film really does have that power)

i need these shoes:

from this place. they're jeffrey campbell.

also, look what i got in the mail! my latest purchases:

the sartorialist. it's such a lovely book, with almost no words, just hundreds of scott's (best) pictures. i know i'll keep going back to that whenever i need outfit inspiration.

my new shoes which i will be wearing nonstop from now until next summer. i wore them for four hours today and although my feet are dead, i felt REALLY great wearing them.

and the big pink bow i talked about. it's a wonderful color and really soft and

today my brother auditioned for the kim dawson model search. this contest has produced models such as erin wasson and ali michael (whom i saw there!), and is really a big deal here in dallas. haha. unlike me, nathan is 5'11" and skiiinny, so we told him to go ahead and apply. we'll see if he makes it, but there's always next year, and i do think he has a chance! anyway, it was pretty fun, and considering that's probably the closest i'm ever gonna get to being involved with the fashion business, it was cool. oh, and i wore the wedges above to this thing, so that i could fit in with all the 5'8" girls there (i'm 5'5"). haha.

i have no idea where this picture came from or why it says "coming soon...", but i love it. it reminds me of palm springs. i've been wanting to go back there recently, but only for the ace hotel. if you're ever in palm springs, stay there. i don't care if all you can afford is a car to sleep in, GO. it's amazing. and the food is even better. perfect for a hangover cure!!

i adore this girl's outfit. it's lovely. from style bubble.

i saw bat for lashes the other night. they were GREAT and extremely talented. i was reminded how much i love natasha khan. not that i needed reminding or anything.

finally, brooke gave me an award!!

yay, i'm so very happy.
i'm going to pass on the award to ginny of drink some gin. she's really, really cool.

Sunday, 16 August 2009

here are some posts you definitely need to see!

check out this lovely balloon-inspired post.

i love wooden walrus. tasha's hilarious and absolutely adorable. just look at her amazing gloves!

i go to afeitar whenever i need any type of baking inspiration. helen's blog is always so happy and adorable!

this girl's blog is great. she's going on a one-year hiatus, but for a helluva good reason. see? i respect her so much for going on that mission. faith + music is a wonderful combination.

a really nice post by one of my dearest bloggers, brooke. oh, what i would do for ashley's hair. and i can't tell you how many times i've realized i have two stylistically different people battling inside me! haha. this is probably why i end up dressing part floral and girly, part punk and tomboy-ish.

elin has the ability to look wonderful with any haircut or color. i'm pretty sure she would look perfect even if she had blue hair.

in other news, i broke my favorite glasses. :( dunno when i'm going to get them fixed, but i hope soon! i wore them nearly every day.

also, i watched that tv movie about chanel the other night. lame-ish. i wish they had more french actors in the movie. but i did enjoy wishing i looked like barbora bobulova did in the movie. and, obviously, i adored the costumes. i imagine coco avant chanel is waaaay better. i need to see that movie. the wiki article says it'll be released here on september 25.

so i've jumped on the bandwagon and i'm now obsessed with it's on with alexa chung. i knew it would happen sooner or later...i'm just like, entranced by alexa's voice for some reason. heh, anyway, i've always loved her but i've refrained from watching the show because i thought it would spoil how i thought of her for some reason??? well that ain't true, and i adore her still. we are in a beautiful relationship. hahahah, ok, end creepiness!

sorry for the text-tastic posts lately...i'll make it up to ya.

Friday, 14 August 2009

happy birthday

i missed this blog's one-year-anniversary. it was august 11! so happy belated anniversary to me. i can't imagine my life without that sad? yes, very. but hey, since i basically have no life, what better way to spend time than blogging? ok, yeah, i do have some type of a life, but it's definitely not as exciting as some people's lives. therefore, i turn to blogging. anyway, it's been a magnificent year and i'm so very glad i joined the blogosphere. thanks to anybody and everybody who has ever looked at this blog!

the above picture is supposed to signify the anniversary. haha. from some person on flickr...i can't remember.

what else...oh, go to to listen to my band's new tunes! yay! i'm so proud of us. too bad we have to take a zillion-month hiatus.

also, i watched two really amazing movies last night.
first one i saw was coffee and cigarettes. crazy weird, awkward, and didn't hardly ever make sense, but man, it was great. obviously the shorts with tom waits, iggy pop, and cate blanchett were my favorite. it's just these 12 short films relatively having to do with coffee & cigarettes. if you're into awkward moments and real, weird people interacting with other real, weird people, i recommend it.

the second film was phoebe in wonderland. it has elle fanning in it (yeah i don't like her older sister either, but seriously, this kid's pretty good).it's about a little girl who is obsessed, to the point of being OCD, with wonderland and the looking glass. anyone, from age 9 to 99, would enjoy this movie. although i don't know if i'd let a fragile child watch it...phoebe lichten has some serious issues that might freak kids out. but if you love alice in wonderland (like me, i think i'm pretty near obsession, too) and wild imaginations and beautiful little girl clothes (yeah, phoebe's fashion is awesome), watch it right now!

i can't wait for fall. fall doesn't come till november here, really; that's when the leaves change colors and the temperature drops a little. but when it does come, it's lovely. i usually start wishing for it around this time, when all the september issues of magazines come out. it's probably bad, because i buy all these cold-weather clothes in august and i'm not able to wear them until late october. haha. i do need some new denimz though. jeans and coats are the only things i "invest" in.

sorry i'm so non-fashion-centered lately, but i've been a leetle bit uninspired. everything i've been doing for the past few weeks has been music. i'm trying to concentrate on that, before i get bogged down with school work in september. i need to accomplish some music-making and reading. haha, so wish me luck! i've got like 4 books to read and MANY songs to write in 4 weeks!

Thursday, 6 August 2009

i've been having a hard time lately, emotionally and physically, so to take my mind off things, i'm making a list of things i love:

1.the song lover's spit by broken social scene. i hadn't listened to this song in ages, but the other day i happened to hear it. it's so simple but really beautiful. the lyrics are actually really awful, but i'm not one to focus on lyrics...the music makes me happy!

2.pale pink. i have a mild obsession with this color. i don't know why. relationship with my mother. i don't know what i'd do without her.

4.this interview of julian casablancas:

same old charming jules. i mean, beirut! how more perfect could he get? i'm so excited.

5.coconut records. anybody who has two songs about summer deserves a place on my list. oh, and i'm absolutely in love with davy right now.

6.the fact that i really cannot compose melodies. (yes this is said with sarcasm)

7.the fact that, when i'm anxious and upset, the one thing that completely calms me down is listening to beirut.

8.the album i'm going away by the fiery furnaces. it's perfect and classic

9.this guy:

10.recording. hehe. we started recording with the wonderful salim nourallah today. we'll (hopefully) finish tomorrow.

Tuesday, 4 August 2009


something that makes me feel absolutely wonderful-seeing men in shorts-suits. ah, they always look so put-together and lovely. i think i've expressed before how much i love seeing guys who are dressed better than i am. haha. anyway, these outfits answer a difficult question: what do you (meaning men) wear when it's too hot for a suit? my friend brought this question up last night as the high was 89 degrees fahrenheit (in new york, of course, not where i live haha) and he had to dress up. this is a really great way to dress up and still look absolutely dapper. in fact, i get so tired of seeing suits, i would be ecstatic if more guys wore this. i can see how it would be considered juvenile and immature for some older men, but maybe this trend can be accepted soon?

another solution for wearing a suit when it's hot outside is wearing light colors (such as white or light blue) or linen suits. also, it looks really chic when men cuff their pants. i know it doesn't provide much relief from the heat, but it does look a little less stuffy.

pascal g and the sart.

obviously i'm on a mission to make men dress better. i think they have just as many options to dress well, only they haven't been open to trying. a lot of guys dress well but they seem to stick to familiar clothes and styles; it's nice when i see them branching out. like i've said before, one of my favorite things about fashion is the risks one can take. wearing something new and unfamiliar (and perhaps strange) is really fun and interesting. variety is the spice of life, right?

Saturday, 1 August 2009


thanks so much for all the recommendations in the last post!! i think i've decided on these because i'd wear them the most...and they're the cheapest haha.

here are some other things on my wishlist:

american apparel braided belt. my favorite braided belt (was my mom's from the 80s) broke the other day, so i need a replacement. this seems like a really good one!

i'd either get that color (asphalt) or creme.

i know it's way too early to be thinking about winter, but it's 97 degrees outside. not that i'm complaining (i don't mind the heat that much), but coats and ear muffs seem delightful right about now. this knitted head wrap is adorable and looks so soft and perfect for when you have a bad hair day and it's cold outside.

anything from this line, but especially the cinch dress and gathered skirt. love love love.

a huge pink flobby chiffon bow? yes please. it's right up my alley.

this dress is beautiful! i can't find anything that could possibly be ugly about it. haha.

and finally, the tri-blend halter romper thingy that everyone has. *sigh* i love looks so unbelievably comfy. and the turquoise one is a perfect color. plus, it's tri-blend (which, if you didn't know, is the softest stuff ever)!

if it just weren't for the ugly porno model..hehe just kidding. i just don't know..what do you think?

so yeah, that's all. a lot of stuff on my wishlist, haha. but aren't all of those things lovely?!

oh, and i got my hair cut and colored again. i'm trying to grow it out (wish me luck) and i didn't want it to look like a mullet during that process. so i went to my hairdresser and had him cut it to where it would grow stylishly.

creepy pose and bad picture but do you like it?

i just realized my last post was my 5oth! wee!