Wednesday, 31 December 2008

new year's resolutions

they are a bit overrated, seeing as i've known hardly anyone who has kept them (including me). but, this year, i'm at my wit's end with myself. i've been far too depressed and unconfident, and those things are something i can change by myself. of course, it won't be easy, but i can at least try (moral support, anyone?). every time i feel an urge to ridicule myself, or think i'm stupid/unattractive/weird, etc., i'll try to stop and say to myself, "no, you aren't. listen to the people who keep telling you you are beautiful and smart." i will not take insults, and i will be impervious to what people say (except when i really am being stupid and i'm hurting someone). i will not hurt myself emotionally. i'm a good person. i'm a nice person. i'm happy and i will be happy. my motto for 2009 is "i can do it". and i know i can. 

that is my resolution (uuhh, besides running 2 miles every day that i can haha). 

Tuesday, 30 December 2008

ryan gosling is in a band.

it's probably really old news in the blogosphere, but whatever. seeing as he's one of my favorite actors, and is obviously just a cool guy all around, i was interested to see what his music sounded like. his band's name is dead man's bones, and they only have released one song on their myspace, but what a song it is! it sounds a bit like the magnetic fields with devendra banhart on halloween, to me, but hear for yourself:

cool, right? right.

Saturday, 13 December 2008

the band's visit and m

so last weekend, i watched two really amazing movies. they are completely unrelated, except for the fact that both are foreign. 

the first, "M", is a german thriller from 1931, and fritz lang's first sound film. it's about a child psycho murderer in berlin; the police cannot locate him, nor do they know who he is. whenever he sees a lone child, he goes under a sort of trance, and starts whistling "in the hall of the mountain king", that ever-creepy tune by edvard grieg. he wins over the child he is about to kill by buying them candy, balloons, and the like. it is shot beautifully, with interesting looks and not too much talking, which just makes the movie even creepier (and much more noir-like). overall, the movie is great, with just the right amount of suspense to keep you interested and scared. i definitely recommend everyone watches it-you will love it.

the second, "the band's visit", is an israeli film, about a certain alexandria ceremonial police orchestra, who go to play in petah tiqva at an arab cultural center. the band arrive in israel from egypt, but accidentally end up in bet hatikva (apparently a fictional town in the negev desert). one bad thing after another happens to them, as they try to get to the right town to play the show and represent their  country to the israelis. the orchestra, consisting of 8 men, play traditional arab music, which obviously enticed me, because i adore arabian music. it's hilarious, sad, thoughtful, and will leave you smiling. the characters speak arabic, hebrew and english to each other, which is awesome. the music is, of course, wonderful, and the end is just epic. whether you play an instrument, are arab or jewish (then i love you), or are just into cute, funny foreign films, then watch this. please, it's just wonderful. 

Friday, 5 December 2008

only when the goal is unattainable

 do i start to feel like i'm losing myself
and this deep secret
that hasn't come out yet
is buried down deep with the rest
i can't coerce you into this one
jealousy lay all your spells to bed
i'll choose unloved instead
if only songs were sung to guide the doubtful ones
beyond the rough where not as much is good enough
and if you find yourself amongst the lonely ones
i will be waiting here with open arms
i can't coerce you into this one
jealousy lay all your spells to bed
i'll choose unloved instead

unattainable is my most favorite song right now. i know i've already done two posts about little joy, but ahh, this song is just amazing. i'm singing it all the time now, it's crazy.

Tuesday, 2 December 2008

binki and fab and me nathan

disregard my head in the picture with fab. obviously, the person who took the picture (with a lousy camera, may i say) wanted to focus more on fab than me in all my short nerdiness (i do not blame that person). also disregard my lousy expression in both pictures. haha...can you tell i was excited! my glasses are the most gigantic things in the universe. seriously.

so yes i was too lazy to go back and edit the past post in which i talked about the concert, so i just decided to make a new post. woohoo!

Saturday, 29 November 2008

things and stuff

first, i finished the blind assassin by margaret atwood yesterday. it's become one of my favorite books ever. it's just incredibly well written and it's such an amazing story. the book centers around iris chase and her sister, laura, and their lives, as told through iris as an old woman. the novel contains a story within a story, called the blind assassin, which is a sort of science fiction love story, as tragically entertaining as irs' depiction of her life. i will only tell you that, because you kind of have to ignorantly dive into the book head first to fully enjoy it, i think. anyway, it's everything i love in a book mixed into one big novel. and though it took me a while to get through it (usually i finish a good book in a few days, but this one took me more than 3 months, due to school), it was completely worth the time once i finished it. i definitely recommend it. 

secondly, i watched the boy in the striped pajamas this afternoon. it is so matter how many books or movies i read or see on WWII, the tragedy never fails to move me, or to make me think about how privileged i am not to have ever been persecuted for, well, anything. the story gives an interesting (and awfully sad) view of auschwitz from the perspective of an eight-year-old boy and his family. his father is a nazi commander general who lives with his wife, the little boy, and his daughter, in berlin. they move to the countryside, which displeases bruno (the little boy), and he soon finds that he can see a concentration camp and its prisoners from his window. apparently, he doesn't know what goes on at the camp (he thinks the prisoners are farmers, and the camp is a farm). in this way, the story is extremely tragic (the story itself as well as the events are very very tragic indeed), showing the ignorance of the commander's family. the awful secret of what the nazis were doing to the jews in the camp was kept from the family, and the commander (as well as the daughter's and bruno's tutor) teaches them  that what he is doing is for the best of the country, leading everyone to a better world. it really shows the awfulness of the holocaust, but not in a usual way. i've never seen or read anything quite like this movie. it is definitely worth watching, and i'd love to read the book now, though it seems like the movie stayed pretty true to the book. also! if you are itching to read a really good book on the holocaust, read night by elie wiesel. it isn't too graphic (that i remember? i haven't read it in a few years) and gives a horrifying, well written look into elie's life at auschwitz, when he was about 15. this man (and his book) is such an inspiration to me, he's unbelievably wonderful. (not to mention the cutest old jew you ever did see! [and this is coming from a girl who is in love with every jew she sees!])

and onto a much more shallow, happier subject: i also cut my hair this week. it's insanely short, and of course i have no pictures yet. but i am really enjoying it, it's nice not to have to wash my hair at all ever again (i kid i kid, i have washed it every single day. i am that much of a clean freak). anyway, i think (hope?) it looks good. 

also, i'm sure everyone knows now that i have been diagnosed with acquired pediatric hypothyroidism?? yeah. it's such a relief to know that i'm not a hypochondriac. but i haven't gotten any medz yet, so i'm dying until i get those. haha. i'm so tired. (but now i feel guilty for complaining about that because i just saw a holocaust movie and everyone was way more tired/starved than i could even ever think about being. arrrrrg.)

so, as a conclusion to this weird post filled with weird things, i really hope that, in maybe 40 years, when the holocaust will be an extremely old topic, when none of its survivors will be living, when everyone will turn their attention to more important things, someone will be there to urge people to remember the stories, remember the tragedy, and face what was so so incredibly awful and heart-wrenching. when elie's manuscript that he had written, un di velt hot geshivgn (and the world remained silent), was rejected by publishers, they said it was too morbid, and that no one would want to hear the stories. as stupid as that sounds (to me), it could happen again. in time, people forget, and they don't want to hear morbid details and, well, the plain truth. i hope that people years from now will listen to the stories of persecuted jews long ago, and apply it to the present.  it is important to hear these stories, and make sure it never happens again (ahem, darfur), even though there are plenty of evil people in this world, and there will continue to be plenty of evil people. 

Friday, 28 November 2008

november 26, 2008

little joy, my new favorite group of people, played at the lounge on elm st. (4 blocks away from my house!) on wednesday night, with their friends the dead trees (and another band, the cocky americans). the concert was practically perfect in every way: despite my extreme lack of love for the american peeps (weird voice, their songs all sound the same [and the songs weren't good to begin with]), despite the trees' and little joy's lack of soundcheck time (therefore sound problems for the first part of their sets), and despite the insanely loud music between bands (therefore preventing anyone to talk), it was wonderful.

so. let's skip right to the dead trees' set, shall we? i hadn't seen these guys since over a year ago, when i saw them open for albert hammond jr. at the cambridge room*. that set, in june 2007, was amazing. i had no idea what they would be like now, since i admit i hadn't listened much to their new record or ep that had come out in that time. but i knew it would probably be good, knowing them. and boy, was it good! it was wonderful, although they didn't sound anything like how they sounded a year ago. i really really liked their set, and they were just as fun and happy and crazy as ever, even though my brother didn't think so (dunno why). afterwards, lead singer guy (i'm ashamed i don't know his name by now arrrg) even said he remembered us! haha. i don't see how since he was a lil out of it last time. anyway, i was greatly pleased with how they sounded, and they definitely got me excited to see little joy after that.

even though little joy only played about 12 songs (correct me if i'm wrong, i didn't get the setlist), the short set was absolutely amazing. they were happy, excited, ADORABLE, and at what seemed was their best. i don't know how they could have gotten any better. (a little side note: fab said "what's your name", talking to me, "lydia? what a pretty name". heehee why don't you just kill me, fabrizio! [no one ever says my name is pretty and for fab to say it? ahhhh]) the dead trees played with them as a backing band (matt romano was on drums, i was so so so so so excited! and i said hey to him like 183787 times hahah), which made the music so much more epic. nathan and i sang so loudly and were just in heaven. absolute heaven. binki/rodrigo/fab all had wonderful voices and even though i couldn't really hear binki (she couldn't either), she was charming, as they all were. here are some pictures of the set: (yes, i did steal them off of mac's flickr! sorry, mac, haha)

(we would have definitely gotten better pictures if sofía had been there, but alas, she was not)

after the set had ended, we waited (and waited and waited) to meet binki and fab and rodrigo, and finally, we got their attention (after many die-hard strokes fans wouldn't leave any of them alone). they are all incredibly nice and huggable and approachable. i felt completely at ease, and totally not like the adoring crazy fan-who-is-in-love-with-members-of-the-band that i am. all in all, they were talented, beautiful, nice, and fun, which made for an outstanding concert.

*now pontiac garage, what kinda name is that? i despise the hob people. they seem to think they're better than everyone else, just by having ugly art and weirdly named venues. though i'm grateful that the hob music hall is an alternative to nokia for bigger bands (i really really despise arenas and gigantic venues like nokia), and that the kills and bands like them can play the teeny tiny "pontiac garage".

Monday, 24 November 2008

a post to past the time

so i'm not sure why i'm posting this, but i've been surfing the blogosphere all day, and i guess that influences me to post.

so. first, i want to say something to everyone who plans on ringing our doorbell: we won't hear you. no one is ever on that floor and on the off chance that someone is on that floor, it would most likely be either 1. my mom, who would be sewing or cooking, therefore not hearing the ring, 2. myself, who would be watching house/heroes, therefore way too lazy/not in the mood to get up and open the door, or 3. nathan, who would be in the kitchen, probably watching some weird video or listening to something, therefore not hearing the ring. so call the house phone or my phone or whomever you might want to call, and have us open the BACK door, where hippies come in (a joke only a certain few would get).
(that's an old doorbell from venice)

secondly, it is thanksgiving break. woohoo. well it technically starts tomorrow, seeing as that is when my school week would normally start, but whatevz (when do i ever say that heehee!). and so far it's been uneventful, boring. for example: i have a doctor's appointment at 3:30 which consists of me getting toooons of blood tests done, blah blah blah, really boring and worthless (just give me vitamins and iron supplements and acquired pediatric hypothyroid medicine and be done with it!). also i have, o n my desk, three things: a dr. pepper can (empty, how sad), a wrapper from a kashi cereal bar (my breakfast), and a water bottle (empty as well). OH and bethany's ipod, which i still haven't uploaded songs onto. aarrrrrrg. therefore, this shows that i am SO BORED. i also have like 821973 blogs up in 821973 tabs. and a GIGANTIC run in my hoes which i am wearing right now! aaaarrg. also, facebook is being boring to me, and i WANT TO DO SOMETHING TODAY BESIDES SIT/DO OTHER BORING THINGS.
(bored cat)
sorry. enough complaining. it's entertaining.

hair cut?
yeah, i know everybody and their mom has gotten/wishes to don aggyness deyn hair, BUT i am part of that everybody and their mom. plus, i kind of sport a mullet right now, haha:
(taken on saturday. and yeah, i edited it, just because i LOVE green [i kid])
so, haircut time! i am obviously trying to look as much like a boy as i possibly can, hah. i already have the clothes! anyway, here are some boyish pictures of me and my hair and my no-makeup-ed-face today:
(hehe, fat face)
see, my hair is SO LONG. AGH.

so can you tell i'm bored? i want to watch juno for the 8th time. and i most definitely do NOT want to go to the doctor.

watch these (i love love this band):

okay, that's all for now. i have to go. bye bye!

Saturday, 22 November 2008

november 14, 2008

so, last friday, of montreal came and played in dallas. the show was amazing, but what was really amazing was what they did after the show. the band, their peeps, and 10 or 15 kids, gathered around with two acoustic guitars and sang about 7 old of montreal songs. it was great fun, despite the cold (which almost none of us were dressed for). i was fortunate enough to be part of it, though i was probably singing harmonies like an idiot and dancing and clapping and, well, just being extremely happy. at the end of the actual show, kevin had said "thanks for letting us be ourselves!" which is definitely what we all were during those 45 minutes outside the venue. here are the only videos i could find of the show...i didn't have a camera, sadly. the videos don't capture the real magic of the songs, or the environment (too bad we didn't have vincent moon to document the whole thing haha), but it's something!

Friday, 21 November 2008

it's beginning to feel a lot like christmas?

IT IS SO COLD TODAY. apparently, it's 47 degrees outside right now. CRAZY. I LOVE IT.

i love christmas. mainly for the cold and the time of from school (yay! but it also means that from january 6th to april 17, i won't get a break), but still. it's awesome.

anyway. the cold weather/commencement of holiday propaganda (ahem, ads. people are trying desperately to stretch their dollar and yet they are still buying gigantic blow-up santas to put in their front yard. i have to admit, though, the santas are so amusing.) is obviously making me think of christmas (even though it's a month away and i still have 3 weeks left of school). i absolutely DETEST the cheesy cheese lame gross ew ew bad bad christmas music everyone plays. not surprising, eh? i'm so critical, music-wise. 

anyhow, i love love love love love listening to music from the 40s around christmas time. for some reason, anytime i hear glenn miller, it makes me want hot chocolate and a blanket. dunno why. but now i really want to listen to 40s music. 

of course, there's always sufjan stevens' songs for christmas to listen to...speaking of sufjan, he hasn't done anything in a long while.

Saturday, 15 November 2008


i suppose this has become more of a journal-type thing more than an actual blog (not entirely my fault, seeing as i can now say i've told tons o' peeps about this). but i guess that's for the better. not having any readers (except you, sofía) does have its perks! for example:

-i can embarrass myself immensely in posts and not feel like a total loser! because sof already makes fun of me/abuses me/recognizes that i am a loser. therefore, NO SHAME.

-i don't have to worry about pleasing any readers, or making vlogs, or posting any remotely interesting posts! ever! therefore, NO PRESSURE. 

-i can freely live in blissful ignorance of my boringness due to my (slightly) boring life, for i wouldn't have any readers to bring me back to reality! therefore, NO CHANGE (oh the sarcasm).

i can't think of any more perks but i'm SURE  there are some! i'll stay positive!



Tuesday, 28 October 2008

jews are premium.

mark ronson is a jew. he is premium.
simon amstell is a jew. he is also premium.
which makes for a great episode of never mind the buzzcocks!
in other words, season 22, episode 1! yay. of course it's not the same without bill. 
i wish i had bbc two. 

Saturday, 18 October 2008

decisions, decisions

halloween is coming upon us. el dia del los muertos. vampire weekend. what-have-you. 
and guess what. i'm having a party. so obviously, i need a costume.
but i don't know what costume. i was originally thinking andy warhol, since i've got the glasses and could dye my hair silver platinum. but then i, being my lazy self, decided that would be too much trouble, and who wants to wear pants anyway? ha, not me! (i never wear pants). so then i was like, "omgz, i could totally dress as a girl in the 20s going to play cricket." so i've been set on that until NOW when i saw this:

and this:

so now i'm all, "ahh i want to be a harlequin-mime thing! with argyle weird  stuff and ruffles and big shirts and little bloomer-type pants ahh." but where does one get harlequin-mime clothings without looking stupid? i suppose i could just wear fancy clothes and checkers and face paint and stuff. but would i look just normal? maybe i shouldn't dress so strangely on a regular basis, so that i can look the part. ha, right, fat chance i'll be dressing normal soon. 

so i'll have to decide that soon, seeing as it's two weeks away...

and another matter: i have no readers, because obviously i haven't reached out to one of the 23342 blogs i read, asking to tag me or just commenting or whatever. i'm too shy! ahhh! i hope this problem, along with the costume dilemma, will soon be solved.

Tuesday, 7 October 2008

une revue

let me begin by vowing that i will cut to the chase and tell you what this is going to be about instead of continuing to talk about nothing of any importance and looking like an idiot, like i always do:

basically, this is a review of a really cool, unique ep by a really cool, unique musician (this is already getting lame, sorry). the musician, aria c jalali, is a guy who lives in san francisco and why do you need to know anything else, that in itself shows he's cool. i came upon this musician's music via the oh so wonderful world of myspace in early 2007 sometime. i can't remember what happened after that, but i do know that i really loved his music. so after listening to the stuff for many months, in october of 2007, i thought, "hey, why not do something worthwhile to keep myself entertained, since i'm always so bored! why not create a fansite for aria! woo." or something like that. so, yeah, i created railcarsinc. (back then it was jalaliinc or something). and i've had a lovely time giving, uh, moral support to what has now become a complete band, called railcars! the band now includes aria, biljana mirkovski, dasha bulatova, and shaw waters. hooray! they are wonderful, and have just released a new ep titled cities vs. submarines, which everyone should get NOW (of course, i haven't gotten around to buying the actual vinyl yet myself...but disregard my procrastination). so now, without further ado, here is the review:

as i listen to the ep, it plays out (to me, at least) like a book, or a really cool movie...the first song, there is ice; it is blue, is sort of like if you were diving underwater, and kept diving till you came upon this whole city under there, and it's really beautiful, and the fishes are dancing and stuff (that made it sound way more trippy than it really is, it's more glorious than trippy). just when you think it's too good to be true, it gets better as the ep progresses. it's incredibly entertaining and energetic. and while some "energetic" eps and albums can be too tiring and wear the listener out, this proves to be quite the opposite. you (or at least i) want to listen to it over and over again, and i don't think it's possible not to dance while listening to cities vs. submarines. it takes you on such an enjoyable ride- as a whole, it is epic and marvelous, but the individual songs can stand alone and are simply great. of course, this is not the best ep i've ever heard (the way i'm talking may seem like i think it is), but this is one of the best eps i've heard in a while. i'm not surprised that aria has made such great songs, but i am surprised by how unique they are. you can compare it to whatever you like, but i don't even know what to compare it to (which may show that i know a lot less about a wide range of music than some people do, but still). i recommend you listen to this ep, and not just because i love the band, but because the music provides a wonderful adventure in listening.

Sunday, 5 October 2008

austin city limits 2008 hooray!

i spent this past weekend frolicking about acl. so, i met a lot of wonderful musician peeps whom i admire, and i danced among a whole lot of hipster peeps who had great clothes. and of course, i indulged in the wonderful food i'd been missing for a year. aside from the food, general happiness, and people that go along with being there, the acts were AMAZING. maybe the sound was a tad bit off for some unfortunate players, or the slightly uncomfortable weather (even though it was amazing weather considering it's still summer in texas) bothered other players (ahem, ms. mosshart, the poor overheated soul who will not take off one of her 343 shirts even though she's about to faint), but overall, all of the musicians i saw played great shows. i was a bit lazier than i thought i would be (i only saw 8 shows, even though i could have seen 14), but i had an awesome time. so, here's my review of the weekend:

the first thing i made sure i did when i got to acl on friday morning was to meet the lovely boys of vampire weekend. they are adorable. especially ezra. eeh, i am a fangirl, though i'm not nearly as bad as some people. but really, they are wonderful and not how i thought they'd be.

the second event of the day was the vampire weekend set. one word: perfect. seriously flawless. they put on a really great show and all of them can engage their fans so well just by playing their music. i really wish i had seen them at rubber gloves last november (i stayed home that night they played in denton, regretting that i didn't go)! oh well. it might have been my favorite show of the entire weekend. maybe.

i went on to m. ward, a little while after that. this was the first time i'd seen him, even though i've loved him for a really long time, so i was ecstatic. even more exciting than the fact that it was the first time for me to see him play was the show itself. he's so interesting to watch, and he played so many of my favorite songs. i felt sort of idiotic for acting like an insane, crazed fan, but i don't care because it was marvelous. 

after m. ward ended, sofía and i obtained a premium spot at the front to see jenny lewis. we were obviously ecstatic about this, since our love for jenny had been renewed after meeting her back in june (before then, we were saddened by rilo kiley's new sound and look, but then we saw them play and regretted what we'd said). the set was wonderful. i hadn't listened to acid tongue much before we saw her, but after seeing a lot of the songs live, i knew it had to be good. and she played rise up with fists!!, so i was happy. the next messiah was awesome, and jason boesel thought so, too (he was watching from backstage). i was also overjoyed to find out jenny has a girl drummer named barbara, and later when we met her (barbara), i found out she is extremely nice, too. so overall it was really, really enjoyable and i didn't even mind that i missed some of david byrne's set to watch her.

so, obviously, next i watched david byrne, from way far away. it was AMAZING because he played a lot of talking heads songs, and i thought he'd stick more to brian eno and his solo stuff. and it was also entertaining to watch everyone around me dance strangely. it seems mr. byrne brings out the weirdness in everybody. he has all the energy and coolness he had back in his heyday. it was definitely worth seeing him, his music has been so influential to me. 

finally, i saw the swell season's set, which was good, not wonderful, but good. i think i would have liked it better if i had been less worn out and congested, but nonetheless, they were nice. and i was kind of falling asleep by that time, anyway...i don't remember much about that last show. ha. 


we decided to sleep in on saturday and did not see fleet foxes (although i heard their set yesterday on xmu and it was good). we were content with seeing css at 3:30, and although my bandmates do not particularly like css, i really liked their set. i think partly why i like them is because they remind me so much of my brazilian aunt, it's hilarious. except my aunt isn't in a band and speaks way less english than they do. anyway, it was great and i admire their showmanship, it was fun.

so we sat in the sand and rested for an hour before we were going to see mgmt. but, unfortunately, we did not realize that mgmt is 3498x more popular than they were last november when we saw them open for of montreal. i swear, every single hipster and stoner who wasn't at spiritualized came to watch mgmt. it was insanely crowded. so we got out of the sea of people as fast as we could and went to go get up close for the conor oberst and the mystic valley band show, which was awesome. it was quite fun and i wish i could have seen the show at la zona rosa on sunday, but, alas, i was lacking in tickets. jason boesel is wonderful, i adore him. just sayin'. 


the first (and only) show we went to on sunday was the kills. they were great, but not as great as they were at the cambridge room in may. seeing as they're way cooler than me and live in london, i say they are allowed to be as fussy as they were on sunday.  halfway through their set, alison was bent over on the stage and couldn't stand the heat. i can sympathize with her, but also, it was 87 degrees that day. seriously. i'm not sure she knew she was in texas...or that she would be playing in the sun, at 1:30. and it wasn't that hot. and she was wearing pants and boots and at least two shirts. of course, she was hung over as well, so i guess that would add to the hotness, but still. i love her regardless, it just confused me.

so we watched a couple of bands while chilling out, waiting until an appropriate time to leave to go hang around outside la zona rosa, since the kills canceled their autograph signing. we left at 4 and went straight to the venue, just in time to see conor oberst walking across the street. we ran and shyly shook hands with him, and talked with him for a few minutes, before many other scary fans tackled him. so that was cool. we decided to wait around and see who else we could meet. we ended up meeting jonathan rice and barbara and nate walcott and i waved to jason for i was too shy to go up and talk to him and also to farmer dave and his nice hats and little skateboarding skillz. we decided not to bother jenny, seeing as she ran straight to her bus. but that afternoon was really nice, we met some sane fans and stuff, it was cool. and so went our time at acl 2008. i can't wait 'till next year! 

Saturday, 20 September 2008


i love writing, obviously. i started this blog mainly because of that. but throughout my life, i'm probably going to be faced with the words "written off topic" on essays and papers. i'm not sure i can help writing "off topic" much. because what i'm good at, and what i always do, is creative writing. i think of something along the lines of the topic and just expound, pouring my words out onto the paper, speaking my mind about things. which i thought was good, isn't it? i guess not. i want to write for my own pleasure, give me something to write about and i'll just go for it. but stay on topic? maybe not. i'm always talking, and i really want to talk about things that interest me or don't interest me, and why. i hate writing on things that i can't write about. if i were to do an essay on dogs being man's best friend, for example, i wouldn't have anything to say. at all. this is what i have to say about dogs in general: "dogs are mammals who are all pretty stupid except for the few smart ones who provide some entertainment. the especially sinister ones eat children and stink and slobber all over carpets. i don't see how they are man's best friend, unless man is as strange as the dog. the end." what i'd rather study and write about, would be sinister dogs with rabies. that would be interesting. but i wouldn't be staying on topic, would i? i'm perplexed with this issue. i love to write, but if something doesn't interest me, how can i write about it? and how can i stay on topic if i hardly know what the topic is?

Tuesday, 16 September 2008

giant papillary conjunctivitis! woohoo!

hi guys. i am a dork. officially. i mean, the title just screams that, huh. i came to this realization (no i shall not spell it the brit way, even though i usually do since i'm an anglophile, because that will make me look like more of a dork, eh) by realizing these two facts about myself:

1. i was about to post another post on how i am filled with IRE and STRESS because i received an 80 (out of 100) on an essay i wrote. now, i do have my reasons on why this has made me so angry/sad/stressed, including, but not limited to:i thought i did an amazing job on the seemingly easy essay, the reasons the teacher gave in explanation for my grade were almost completely pointless, i don't even know what the teacher wants from me, in terms of my essays, anymore, at all, which puts me in an even worse place, i was sick (YES! SICK! IMAGINE THAT!) on the day the teacher discussed the essay (therefore not getting the lecture on it,  IMAGINE THAT! YES!), the person next to me who is somewhat less experienced in writing due to not reading anything, ever, and not writing anything, ever (whereas i've been reading three books at least every month for nearly all my life, and have been writing things for nearly all my life) and the essay was the first legit essay i wrote for the teacher. still, it shows i'm a dork. not only have i failed my standards in the 3rd week of school, but i have also proven myself to be the person in the class who freaks out when they make a B. 

2. i went to the ophthalmologist  yesterday (that in itself shows i'm a dork), and was diagnosed with giant papillary conjunctivitis. most people can't even pronounce those words. it's an infection, sort of like pink eye but a lot worse and different. my upper eyelid is infected, it's gotten extremely thick (don't know how, or why that's bad), to where, if you were to look at it, it's very, very red and you can't see the capillaries. uninfected eyelids are whiter and you can see the capillaries. but on mine, you can't. so it could actually make me blind, if i kept wearing contacts. obviously i don't want to be blind, so i'm having to wear glasses perpetually, or well, until the infection goes away. even then, i have to be extra extra careful, because it could come back. this infection's kind of like any other infection-it makes me sick, because my immune system is down. this could be why i've not felt completely well for the past 6 months. so besides showing me to be a dork, it's painful,  gross, and scary. 

so that's what's up, that's why i'm a dork. i know this post is pretty bird's-songs-ish, but oh well. 

count on seeing another rather ehhhh unhappy post tomorrow, i've finally got a scheduled post! wahoo! right, and there's no readers for me to schedule it for. :(( bah.

oh, actually, i've got two scheduled posts: soon, i'm going to do a post on my loverly friend aria's newish albumish thing, titled cities vs. submarines, which you all should listen to now!


i wish 

Saturday, 6 September 2008

el laberinto del fauno

i watched pan's labyrinth last night. i think the english title should have kept true to the spanish one, and should have been faun's labyrinth, but that is the only thing i didn't like. it was beautiful, haunting, gruesome, magical, and sad. ivana baquero played ofelia really, really well. actually, i thought all the acting was wonderful, from every character. it was a modern-day fairy tale, that faced serious issues as well. i love a good anti-fascist movie! and the fact that it's spanish was cool, i could understand [some of] it (which is surprising seeing as i haven't had bi-weekly spanish lesson for 3 months), and i remembered how much i love hearing people speak spanish, especially castilian. the monsters (mr. faun and pale man, as well as captain vidal!) were fabulous creatures, things that could make you scared just by looking at them, especially the pale man. so all in all it was a marvelous movie, definitely worth seeing! i loved it. and i'm going to end now because i just read over what i've written and it sounds really "oh yes, i am intellectual, oh yes, if you want to talk about politics and the franco regime, i'm your girl!" but that is not what i want to put across because i am so humble like that (not really). well, and i don't want to talk about politics, no thank you. i'm not against them or whatever, i don't think they are super boring, i'd just much rather talk about a lot of things that aren't politics. ah, ok. i'm so scared someone's going to come along and hear me talk about how i don't like talking about politics as much as everyone else does, and they'll be all upon me (all upon me? i don't know why i just said that.), saying "you are ignorant and blahablhablha because you think politics are boring, you are so juvenile, blahablhabh". anyway. what was my point? oh yeah, pan's labyrinth. it's gooood, see it!
yo what up, hombre pálido! you be hungry for some niñas, ehh?

Tuesday, 2 September 2008

i've thought it over, i've had a good day

i woke up today with a  jolt. it was due to my alarm going off, for the first time in 3 months, alerting me to get up and going at 6:45am. somehow, after reviewing what day it was, what time it was, what i was about to do, i practically jumped out of bed and skipped to the bathroom, only to find ants invading my trash can (turns out there had been rotten food in my overused and neglected rubbish bin). instead of getting off to a bad start, i skipped up the stairs, drank a fruit shake, and annihilated the ants. then i quickly got ready for the day, and rode off to school with nathan. (by that time i was thinking, "how am i this perky? i can't be this perky. won't last.") so i went through my day, chatting/giggling with sofia. after getting off at 11am, we went to the retta's house to eat. we had a wonderful luncheon, with macaroni and cheese and organic beans and brownies and playmobiles. yes, it was quite a kiddy lunch, but it was great. as much as i love hanging out with big groups of (nice) people and as much as i wish i knew more (nice) people, i absolutely love hanging out with my 3 best friends: my brother, julia, and sofia. well, i love hanging out with them when we're all in good moods ha. but then again, who likes hanging out with people when they're in bad moods! so anyway, after eating/playing, nathan and i went home and started school work (which took 3 hours, not the best part of my day obv). and i had a nice internet-surfing day, then ate dinner and internet-surfed some more. now i finish my day with a cup of chamomile tea and a cookie. wonderful. let's hope i have another good day tomorrow, eh? (of course, i know it's partly because of how i view my day, if i believe i'm going to have a good day and i don't let things get me down, i have a good day. if not, i don't. i know that. but some days it's harder than others)



it is finished

my first day back at school was today. i'm glad to get it over with, i've got an outlook on how the rest of the year is going to look like. i've decided that if i can FOCUS (!!!!) and WORK until i am completely and TOTALLY finished, it will be MUCH BETTER in the long run. no procrastination this year! (yeah, wait until next week and i'll have already broken  that vow) actually, i got off to a pretty good start today, with hardly any interruptions on my part. hip hip hooray for me. we'll see how long i can keep it up, but i'm feeling pretty confidant. it's going to be hard, but whatever. no social life is better than no life at all. (when have i ever had a social life anyway??)

Monday, 1 September 2008

my nails are black cherries

it's been a while since my nails have been painted. but now they have been painted. and it's this strange color called black cherry, it certainly does look like black cherries. so i was like "oh. cool. this probably won't match with any of my clothes. not that i care, because i never match ha! seriously, though, i don't match. just an observation of how black cherry is a strange color." well, after i've had the color for two days, i've found that it somewhat matches with everything i'm wearing. maybe it's kind of psychological, where the color of my nails is like, somehow forcing me to pick clothes that have "black cherry" in them. but nonetheless, everything i'm wearing turns out to have a shade of cherry in it. so weird! but cool. i like it, because my nails and my clothes match. it's an interesting feat i've never achieved before! hooray.

i have determined i need my own camera. maybe i could buy myself a lil camera. BUT NO i need new drums, too. i need a source of income, is what i need!

also, i posted an angry, venting bulletin on my myspace about an hour ago. and while i'm still bored out of my mind, i've put on one of my cardigans (they always comfort me, like a blankie. so warm, so soft. keeping me from my wintry room, even though it's 100 degrees outside.), and i have looked at blogs. i'm a bit better now. thanks. (not like anyone has asked how i'm doing HUH)

Sunday, 31 August 2008

erm, a bunch of topics

so, we played a nice show last night, our first time playing at the door dallas, which is right across the street from me, and despite the trouble we had with the venue, i really had a nice time. but now that all the fun's over, what am i to do? the time for education has come again. unfortunately, i start school on sept. 2. it feels like summer should just be starting! and i'm bored out of my mind, the last thing i want to do is study. the thing i do want is patrick's sweater. 
and these tights.
and LOAFERS. i have looked all over uo for the pretty loafers i saw online, but i haven't had any success.
in other news, i cut off all my hair, almost. i wish more people liked it, but at least i love it. it's so short, so i can mess it up all i want and almost never have to wash it (of course, i'm a very clean person, so i do wash it). i would have a picture up but i don't have any pictures just yet. hopefully someone took good looking pictures of me last night? also, i wish i had the courage to dye it blondish silverish like agyness deyn's. or red like patrick wolf's. i don't think i have it in me just yet! i'm enjoying my attempts to look like this picture of edie sedgwick:
i did my makeup like that last night, my hair too, but i think i came out more punk than anything else ha. and i am not doing my makeup like that every day, that's for sure.

that's all.

Sunday, 24 August 2008

female fashion idols!

i have been thinking about some people whom i've recently wanted to dress like, so i decided to write a list of them:
-alice glass. her style is amazing, just effortlessly cool. she's really become one of my fashion icons, because she always looks so awesome. i love that she wears vintage t shirts and cardigans (cardigans are my absolute favourite things to wear). she wears them a bit loose (unlike the more popular tight shirts and sweaters), with tight pencil skirts or pants. that's really what i'd love to wear (and what i try to wear). unfortunately, i have yet to find the perfect-fitting t shirt, but thankfully i already have tight skirts and big cardigans. anyway, she's really, really cool and i absolutely love her style.
-natasha khan. i've just recently discovered that i do like her music, and that i do really adore her fashion sense. she really perfects that girl-at-austin-city-limits-with-cute-boyfriend-who-somehow-doesn't-look-drenched-in-sweat kind of fad, with the headbands, pretty hippie dresses, colourful eye makeup, and long hair. this kind of style is the kind i really WISH i could pull off, but haven't yet found what clothes to get for my pulling off of it. besides being quite stylish, she's a genius musician.

-agyness deyn. first of all, (the last i heard) she is dating albert hammond jr. so that automatically makes her the luckiest on the planet. besides that, she has the most amazing, unique, cool style i've ever seen. she's adorable. and her real name is laura hollins. her hair is pretty perfect, she pulls off that peroxide colour like no one else. i can't even begin to explain her style in my own words, but i love that she wears just such unique things, and pull all of it off.
-alison mosshart. oh my god, she's so sexy. and effortlessly cool. and i could go on. when i saw her live, i didn't even know much of the kills, but after that i decided i basically have a crush on her. being a drummer, i always want to look cooler and more rocker-chick than i normally do (somehow i always go back to looking "sweet"), and i want to dress like her when i play. i think she's dating noel fielding, who is awesome despite his previous dates, so that makes her more awesome. the list of why she's awesome goes on, but basically i just love how she looks, no matter what, she makes almost anything look cool.

that's all for now....if ever you meet one of these girls, buy them endless drinks.

Thursday, 14 August 2008

the olympics

i'm not an athlete, and i never have been. actually, the only sports i've ever played were tennis (which lasted from about 2002-2005), figure skating (i only took lessons when i was a really little kid), and soccer (2002-2004). but every time the olympics roll around, i'm extremely interested in them. my first conscious memory of being interested in the olympics started back in 2002, when the utah winter olympics were held. i still had an immense appreciation for figure skating. so i would watch every event, and dream about one day being an olympic skater. skip to the 2004 summer olympics in athens. i especially felt a bond with these olympics seeing as i had been to athens for the first time in 2000, i had developed an interest in european fútbol, and had done gymnastics for the first (and last) year in 2003. so carly patterson, naturally, was my hero. i dreamed about being an olympic gymnast. and while it would be a tad weird for me to still be interested in those sports, even though i don't play any of them now, i learned a whole lot from watching the olympics. it astounded me that people could be so good at sports, people who weren't already household names like david beckham and mia hamm and michelle kwan. that, and whenever an athlete won gold, they would be so proud and their country would be so proud of them, and their anthem would be played and all the work they put into whatever their sport was, would have paid off, because this is what they worked for.

after the athens olympics, i lost interest in the athletes and the winter olympics, until now. i've been faithfully watching every sport that interests me this olympics: swimming (of course, michael phelps also blew my mind in the 2004 olympics), gymnastics, track, even beach volleyball and synchronized diving! just because it's fascinating to see their dreams come true, whether it be being at the olympics, or winning a medal. or even if their dreams don't come true, their reaction and the sportsmanship people show and all, is just so interesting. and i've learned that the sports are interesting, too! i still don't care much for softball or baseball or really even basketball, but most of the other sports are so great to watch. i've learned so much from watching them, i now can tell when people do a really great job, a mediocre job, or if they fail miserably, which makes me seem sports-wise, ha. i can also interpret the gymnastic scoring system (which i've decided i hate), i can tell you who won certain track events, when kerri walsh and misty may were last defeated, and who guo jingjing is. so that's what's been taking up my time lately. i've been watching the olympics. and hey, i've just recently started really enjoying running, maybe i'll one day be fast enough to compete. (kidding)

Monday, 11 August 2008

pete doherty

ok, yes, i know just about everyone has already said something about their stance on pete's problems. but, whatever, better late than never. despite his addictive behaviour, he has had some serious awesome fashion sense in the past few years. i also still think he's a genius songwriter and i believe he'll sooner or later rid himself of the rubbish he's collected over the years. and yeah, i think he's extremely cool even with his drug addiction but you know if i ever met him, i'd tell him to STOP because if he would, he'd be such an awesome musician (and poet and artist), even more awesome than he already is. and in roberto cavalli's fall 2007 ad campaign, he looks swell. shows if he cleans up, he looks great. and while he didn't look too great coming out of jail in may, who does..i really hope he finally sobers up long enough to quit his sad addiction. then, i'll be able to truthfully say he's charming. (if i don't meet him first. i'm absolutely positive he's a charming fellow.) so yes, that's the fine grime for the day. god speed, petey!