Tuesday, 24 February 2009

i apologize

it's been 11 days since i've posted anything. eh. i'm sorry. i've been super busy and i have lovely finals this week and i haven't studied, plus my hypothyroidism is being cruel to me. so is the nature of being a woman. gah. i promise i will post sometime this weekend, seeing as i have a 4 day weekend to celebrate. and by celebrating i mean sleeping, lounging, posting a great, planned post, and doing absolutely no work till tuesday. WOOHOO. 

i wish all you guys luck if you have finals this week, too! god knows we need all the luck we can get, right?

love, lydia

p.s. it's going to be 80 F this week. whaat, that's summer weather. well, i guess it's summer weather for anywhere north of texas...but still. that's insane. and all the meteorologists are happy about the heat wave. i want to punch them.

Saturday, 14 February 2009

i could sleep for a thousand years...

lately i've just wanted to sleep. a lot. this is nothing too out of the ordinary, seeing as i have hypothyroidism. but my life's been really busy and i don't have any energy. i get up, go to school, come home at noon, work till 3 or 4, maybe run and lounge for 6 hours (because by then i'm too tired to do anything else), and go to sleep. that's it. i haven't had any interest much stuff...i guarantee you 2009 will be the hardest year of my life. it takes a lot to be happy.

anyway. on to the more interesting, less depressing and boring stuff. i have finally gotten around to 1) finishing it's kind of a funny story, and 2) taking a picture of my wonderful recent purchases, which i cannot wait to show you.

first, my minnie bow made by yokoo (for those of you who aren't interested in this fashion-related bit, scroll down):

my face is funny. 

well, yokoo's expensive and her products don't come quickly, but she does all of her stuff by hand, and when the package arrives, it's a joyous day. that's how it was when i received the minnie bow in grey. this bow is lovely, it goes with everything in my closet, and it doesn't hurt my head, so it's perfectly comfortable to wear. if you are ever pondering whether to buy any product of hers, i say, if you have the monies, go ahead and buy it. i'm sure it will be made well and with tlc. i would love to have one of her endless amounts of cowls and chains and other quirky, warm accessories. 

and my snazzy leather jacket:

this was a christmas present, and it makes me [sing even mooore*] feel all cool and alison mosshart-esque. i usually dress "cute" (i.e., in dresses and tutus and skirts), but i love this jacket because i can be tough and still wear dresses. it may look a little funny on me, but i really enjoy wearing it. plus, i can hide in its collar!!

i'm going to do a post on my clothes fetishes soon. i have a fetish for shoes and coats, which is evident by my 32+ pairs of shoes and 8+ coats. 

anyway, i finished it's kind of a funny story this last weekend, and i think it should have been about me. hah. i could just relate to it so much. it's funny, sad, encouraging, and happy. not to mention the cover art is amazing. ah, i don't even know what to say. it's such a good story. def one of my favorite books now. 

devotchka is such a good band. seeing them 3 times is not enough. they are really great performers, and nick is just about the most handsome man in the world. he's 30-something, but he's so...tall, dark, and handsome. i would recommend them to anyone with any music taste. man, i can't get over how wonderful they are.

i'm tired and i've been working on this post for aaages. haha. 

*aghhh, i keep singing songs by the beaten sea. look 'em up, they are so. so. good. and even better live. don't ya just love when you hear a really great local band? i do.

Tuesday, 10 February 2009

an award? for me? you've got to be kidding.

but this is no joke. i am just such a wonderful blogger, huh. (even though i haven't posted a good post in a really, really long time, and i keep forgetting to comment peeps back and etc, etc)

i was granted the lemonade award by brooke!! she is a lovely blogger in australia who, despite only having had a blog since january (i think?), is already attracting many readers and 10+ comments per post, which she definitely deserves. she has great style, and i'm honored to receive this award. 

so apparently, this award is for blogs with "attitude and gratitude". eh, cheesy and i'm not sure what that exactly tells me (also, how does lemonade have attitude and gratitude?), but i'm very very glad! 

i'm now supposed to tag 10 bloggers...i read about 23987437 blogs, but a whole lot of them are big and intimidating and would never reply to my giving them an award, so i don't know who to pick yet...and i need to start/finish my paper..so...yeah. next time, eh?

Saturday, 7 February 2009


there are about 389 amazing concerts coming up in the near future (as well as albums). 


devotchka-tomorrow, la zona rosa. this is the whole reason i'm in austin right now. i'm so. so. excited. they are also playing at house of blues (pontiac garage) on tuesday.

handsome furs-march 21, the loft. wow wow wow!

franz ferdinand-april 24, house of blues. i hugged my family when i heard this news. i was just ecstatic that they aren't playing nokia. whew. well, and their new album is amazing. 

the kills (and horrors!!!)-april 25, granada theater. i FINALLY get to go to granada for the first time in a year! i miss that venue so much.

bjm-april 14, granada. hope i can make it to this one! it would be awesome.

animal collective-june 4 (i think?), granada. everyone will be there. duh.


sorry 'bout the lack of posting, or interesting posting lately. i've been busy, or something?? i guess i've had a weird couple weeks.