Sunday, 26 April 2009

random inspiration post!! horroray!

alex kapranos (who, on friday, after their show at hob, told me i looked like a girl he was in a band with in glasgow in the 90s. best compliment ever? i think so)

faris (this picture was taken last night by some person...faris didn't compliment me, but he did talk to me. hehe, yay). i think i told every one of the horrors that i liked their shirt or shoes or jacket...but they really did have on such perfect outfits.

le karen.

this shirt by this brand that discotheque confusion recently posted about. this picture is really weird. i dunno why, but i really like the shirt.

and here she is.

from the sart a few weeks ago. this totez looks like an outfit i would wear haha.

some freaky stalker picture of matt, alexa, and alex. but it is cute. this reminds me that i want to go on a picnic with my friends soon.

liebemarlene. everything she wears i'm absolutely in love with.

this is something she posted a few days ago. absolutely gorgeous.

the end...this shows how much my taste varies huh. hahaha. from punk to florals.

edit: btw, i finally remembered my twitter password (big dealz for me), so yeah, follow me. i am lydiawells. twitter is really confusing, what do you even call your sn or whatever?


brooke said...

yay inspiration post. i like your little mishmash of style. these are great photos.


GraceFace said...

i love the stalker photo! stalker photos are the best kind =D

Mary said...

Yaaay I love inspiration posts, they make my brain explode a little bit with ideas....
I love the last picture... so beautiful.

ginny said...

hahaha, i love alex and alexa. i'm secretly in love w/alex...well, since 7th grade when a.m. hit it big in britain...but still.

but hey, love miles kane too. ;)

anyways, loving the inspiration too. i would totally wear the sart outfit too...just maybe make the tights grey since i am a grey-a-holic.

and that is coinicental then...prathhh :P today, it says speeduct...speed-duct or spee-duct?

dapper kid said...

Oh snap thank you so so much for the mention dear! Ahhh and Alexa is always so wonderfully dressed. Annnd I seriously need to get into this whole Twitter thing, I shall have to sign up soon.

TheGlamorousEccentric said...

love karen and dapper kid great inspiration!