Monday, 30 March 2009

so it's my birthday. i've had a wonderful day with friends and my parents and brother.

i've been really busy this week, therefore not having time to post, so i apologize. hopefully this week will be a little more tame, considering it's the week before my spring break.

hope you've all had a great week! i hope to post something soon. bear with me until i'm free.

beautiful, ain't it?

from the astronomy picture of the day website.

Tuesday, 24 March 2009

the ladies

after much ado, i present to you my lovely (and sexy) list of the 5 sexiest (and loveliest) women of modern music!!*

1. jenny lewis-she is everyone's favorite lady musician (and by everyone, i mean my circle of friends. and anyone who has ever seen her live, i would suppose), for her talent, poise, and overall HOTNESS. and i hate saying hot, but man. she is. just look at her! not only is she an amazing songwriter, but she has a voice that not many people have, a crazy range, she's been around for que a while (musically, i mean), she's sweet, she's cute, she's sexy, she's attractive, she's a strong, beautiful woman, and she's sexy:

2. eleanor friedberger-i've already mentioned her at least once in this blog, and i'll mention her again. she's beautiful, is in a really, really great band, has an awesome brother, has an awesome boyfriend, has wonderful style, and has a crazy awesome voice, among other things. she probably doesn't have as many men falling at her feet as jenny does, but that's even sexier. if she's not sexy, i don't know who is.  

3. natasha khan-you know she's sexy the minute you hear her voice; her music is sexy. so is her fashion. and her makeup. and basically everything about her. anybody who wears the amazing headdresses she wears is automatically wonderful, and she also greatly reminds me of patrick wolf, who is the epitome of my opinion. anyway, these pictures speak for themselves:

4. alison mosshart-okay, so she would be on everyone's list, and a lot of peeps have grown tired of her perpetual coolness. but i, for one, haven't. listen to keep on your mean side-now that is a sexy album. and she is one of those kinds of people who can make smoking look so cool...even though it's the opposite for ya lungs (i'm not saying smoking is cool plz don't get onto me plz)...and i mean, you have to admit, she's sexy. even if you don't like her, she's sexy. am i right or am i right. i am right. just look!

5. last, but definitely not least, regina spektor-i was contemplating putting her on this list, solely for my thought that she was more adorable than sexy. but then i thought about it some more, and realized that she is really very sexy; she has a wonderful voice, and when she does punk songs, it really shows her sexiness. she dresses extremely well, has a beautiful figure (which isn't that  important, but she's fuller than many sexy ladies, which is awesome) and a beautiful upbringing. on top of all that, she's a great musician. basically, i thought, how can she not be sexy. she's such an inspiration! these pictures i found finally convinced me that she should be #5:

 well, there you go! i hope you enjoyed this (read: you better have enjoyed this, because it took me some time...time i could have spent doing math or reading 1984! ha. ha.)! 

until the next time i post, which will hopefully be sooner rather than later (i've got a busy week..)!


*the reason i didn't write a list of sexy modern musician men is because the list would be too long. way. too. long. 

Sunday, 22 March 2009

an update of sorts.

i have some advice to you: clean out your closet. i did this all day yesterday and i feel so fulfilled, haha. not to mention i have many, many clothes waiting to be sold or given away. i had so much junk in there...crazy. and now i can feel okay about buying something new, because i've gotten rid of so much stuff! so yeah, clean 'em out.

i'm sure you've all seen the cnn special on carine roitfeld. if not, please do. it's a lovely way to spend 20 minutes of your day. she's so cute and inspirational, etc., etc.

handsome furs played a show last night. WOWZA they were amazing. and nice. and dressed so impressively. and were even really apologetic for not being able to have us open for them. it was so much fun, and they played so well. i should start being as active onstage as alexei is... hahaha. anyway, they were really, really great, and nathan said it was like "seeing the clash in their hey-day"..only with a lot less people.

what birthday's 8 days from now...

you should also see the changeling. i saw it the other night-really great movie. sad and disturbing and awful to think that this really happened but great. since it's set in the 20s, the fashion is also amazing amazing amazing. (20s=best time for fashion, in my opinion...besides now.)

does anyone else think hedi slimane has nice hair?

not that he has much hair, haha, but still. OH and why does he pose that way in nearly ever single picture taken of him? i don't get it. i love him, but he's a weird guy...

so i'm going to steal from nogoodforme and tell you what i'm wanting, wearing, reading, watching, listening...

wanting: to know the name of the band that i saw in the airport today. and i want a vacation. aagh.
wearing: the outfit i always wear during the summer...a red dress and a comfy sweater. yeah. it's summer weather without the summer. WHY.
reading: 1984...i thought i should probs read the book i'm doing a paper on...and i need to read the rest of alice in wonderland, the english patient, and my hypothyroidism book (it's a step-by-step guide to the first year of HT, which is what i call the illness hehe. it's a nice abbreviation, right? like MS-horrible illness, great abbreviation.), and i'm only on day 4, even though i've had it for 5 months. haha.
watching-never mind the buzzcocks. i haven't seen much of the past season, and i've finally gotten around to watching it.

i will leave you this picture of alexa chung. i am constantly reminded of how lovely she is and has been:

she is also the luckiest girl in the world, dating alex and all.

i will post tuesday, probs. do not worry.

Sunday, 8 March 2009

eleanor, a little girl, and my 'rents.

i regret to admit that i miss having long hair. i had really nice long hair. it was long. really long. halfway down my back. the first time i cut it all off, i cut off 11.5 " and still had hair down to my shoulders. and now i want to look like eleanor friedberger again...

my hair looked exactly like that...minus the bangs. ahhhh. oh well. my short hair isn't hot in the summers. and i can wear gigantic bows without looking silly. and...i can compare my haircut to men's haircuts, which brings me amusement. eh.

in other news...i saw a little girl at a restaurant today, and she was dressed wonderfully. she had a cute little haircut like this:

it looked like agyness' hair, not albert's. haha.
and she wore a white shirt that had a little bow attached to it at the collar, and a BEAUTIFUL white, sparkly tutu, and white leggings, and silver mary janes. AH. it was perfection. i wanted to be her, hahah.

i love tutus. they are so lovely. they make me very, very happy. there's this picture of me as a 3-year-old being held by my (really stylish) mother after my ballet recital. i'm wearing a gigantic blue tutu and i look SO CUTE. i actually kind of had eleanor hair..haha. i guess my style has not changed since i was 3. except...when i was 9-11, i didn't dress too well. what preteen that goes to a crazy private school does, though? especially one that is surrounded by preteen fake-purse-loving, makeup-addicted, mean little slutty brats...haha. yes. that is how i view my 4th and 5th grade peers. but when i turned 12, i threw out all the preppy stuff, and became my own person. hooray.

anyway, you can thank my mother for my love of fashion. she has always been stylish and classy-she was a fashion design student! she changed her major to textiles, because her professors hated her designs. yet her designs were trends that were extremely popular in the 90s, and even today! she dressed me very well. i was constantly in little sailor outfits and beautiful empire-waist dresses. and never pants. hmm, sounds like what i wear now. haha. and now that she's older, she dresses even better. a very, very classy lady indeed. a bit like audrey hepburn in her older days. or jackie kennedy, even. 

i suppose this implies that my mother is old-she is not. at all. haha. she's only 43, but, while most 40-year-olds dress like they are 20, she dresses her age. she loves florals, knee-length skirts, nice socks, beautiful sundresses, and pretty blouses. she has influenced me immensely. hooray for beautiful, strong mothers! hooray for my dad, too. he is as classy as she is. only with a more dorky, elvis costello twist. yeah, that's it; elvis costello..when he was younger and much skinnier.

ah. anyway, i suppose i've gotten inspiration again. hallelujah!

Thursday, 5 March 2009

oh no...i'm completely uninspired.

i am SO SO sorry for not posting over the long weekend. all i did was sleep and do nothing else except maybe eat tons of these:

i'm such a fatty.

anyway, not all is lost! i'm sure i will obtain inspiration soon!  

i figure the best way to be inspired is scouring tons and tons of blogs. also listening to (new) music and watching movies, but you know, spending hours upon hours reading blogs is waaay less productive (seeing as i can multitask when i'm listening to music and watching a movie), so it's automatically more appealing!

here are some things i've been thinking about this past week...
tavi recently posted about these:
and i literally died. i mean, are those the most beautiful things you ever did see or what?!

while everyone east of me is (or..was) experiencing REALLY heavy snow, it's spring here. officially. the blooms are a-coming and the weather speaks for itself. i actually don't mind it. but i'm ready for summer. 

well, another thing i've been thinking about is work. but i DO NOT want to think about that right now. please let's not get into that. 

something you should definitely read weekly: mary's embracing monday posts. i look forward to them and they make me so happy! mondays have always been worse than tuesdays for me; they begin my week, i always have the most work to do on mondays, and even though i don't have classes on mondays, they are always the most stressful. therefore, mary's weekly posts are a joy to read.

also, i have to profess my love for nogoodforme. i don't check the site very often, but that makes liz, kat, and laura jane's posts so much more special. i am a little bit ashamed to say i spend a lot of time looking through archives and reading every word they write. they write about, well, everything. this makes me happy seeing as i cannot simply write about one subject. each post is worth reading. i mean, WHAT'S NOT TO LOVE. really. 

also, beirut/realpeople's march of the zapotec/holland ep came out a couple weeks ago, and i, of course, am in love. except that it's WAY too short. i'm all into it and happy and all, and then it stops. it's still amazing though. i don't think i've disliked anything that man has created.

ah. i guess that's it. sad, ain't it? this is how boring my day-to-day life is.

i wish i was here again: