Monday, 8 June 2009

i really like yellow

some inspiration...from the clothes horse, the sart, knight cat, yeah i think that's it..

so it's summer. it's hot. i'm going to new york (!!!) this thursday and then istanbul (!!!) to visit my grandfather. my bro's gonna be gone for an entire month, to jordon.

i saw grizzly bear the other night and have gained a whole new appreciation for them. it was beautiful. i also saw little joy the other week and of course, they were wonderful in every possible way.

what else?
this makes me laugh.
this makes me really confused, but i love it.
also, become a fan of my band, the hot tickets, on facebook. it will make YOU happy.
also follow me on twittah even though my updates are boring.

yeeeah that's all...sorry for the lack of excitement lately. i promise i'll be more exciting this week, especially when i go to new york.


brooke said...

these are such awesome photos, love them. youre going to new york, ah that is so cool!
hope you have an awesome time. Following you on twitter now!

brooke xx

dapper kid said...

What beautiful photographs for inspiration :) Hope Istanbul was/is fantastic dear!!

Kristin said...
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dapper kid said...

You are officially on the project list dear :)

ginny said...

love the pics of alexa chung! so addicted to her show...

blorange dice said...

hey!! i found your blog through dapper kid's around the world project... who knew there was another blogger in dallas?? haha, just kidding. but seriously, i feel like there aren't very many.

and i love yellow too! these pictures are inspirational indeed. i'm jealous you saw grizzly bear- i bet that was awesome! (:

Anonymous said...

it sounds like you're having a good time!

dapper kid said...

Happy 4th of July dear, hope you are having a beautiful weekend :)

ginny said...

haha, i'd love to play glasto too...if i still had any instrumental talent... :P

i love alex and alexa (the naming's too julian casablancas and his wife, juliet). it kills me b/c i LOVE alex, but they're way too perfect for each other.

jessica said...

hit up ina, you must must must, i got marni wedges for only 250 ! it's ridiculously cheap designer clothes .
google ina nyc or something :]

Kristin said...

you have great style lydia! please feel free to visit my blog again! maybe even follow it?