Thursday, 16 July 2009

from the clothes horse, this, knight cat, the dream walking society, and the sart...and julian's solo album, which i have to say i'm excited about even though i miss los estrokes all together.

i got back from turkey a few days ago, and it looks like i've acquired some type of bug or something. oh well, it gives me an excuse to sleep all day. and it's summer-i'm just glad i have the ability to rest this much. turkey was beautiful and so lovely. i wish i was still there. unfortunately i don't have many pictures because our camera ran out of battery, and we were so busy shopping that we forgot to take pictures, hahaha.

you know how relationships often dwindle for the sole reason that one or both of the people think the other has changed for the worse? i don't know much at all about that situation, but i've determined that change is completely unavoidable; everyone changes, and whether it's for the worse is often a matter of opinion. i mean, you can't expect a person to stay the same over the years. i don't know, i'm just thinking aloud. i'm probably completely wrong. thoughts?

i saw 500 days of summer's such a cute, lovely movie. don't you just love when you catch semi-obscure "indie" culture quips in movies like this? i do.

hope you've all had a good week!


Kristin said...

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Here's the link:

brooke said...

thanks for the link to the dream walking society!! love the stuff there. i agree with what you say about relationships. sometimes it is unavoidable, but it's best to try and save it. I think anyway...

hope youre ok!


ginny said...

hey, thanks for the music suggestions...i def. need some new music haha

and i don't even think words can comprehend how much i am excited for julian's solo project. besides the fact that he easily is the hottest rock star out there (totally true...everyone knows it too), he is amazingly talented. GAHH SO EXCITED

blorange dice said...

goodness gracious, these photos are amazing!!!!!! i can't even begin to pick my favorites.

and 86 degrees is definitely nothing compared to texas, haha. hope you're enjoying your trip! (:

girl with a bird said...

oh hello! i'm so happy to be back :D
i want to see 500 days of summer sooo bad, i love both of them so much