Monday, 11 August 2008

pete doherty

ok, yes, i know just about everyone has already said something about their stance on pete's problems. but, whatever, better late than never. despite his addictive behaviour, he has had some serious awesome fashion sense in the past few years. i also still think he's a genius songwriter and i believe he'll sooner or later rid himself of the rubbish he's collected over the years. and yeah, i think he's extremely cool even with his drug addiction but you know if i ever met him, i'd tell him to STOP because if he would, he'd be such an awesome musician (and poet and artist), even more awesome than he already is. and in roberto cavalli's fall 2007 ad campaign, he looks swell. shows if he cleans up, he looks great. and while he didn't look too great coming out of jail in may, who does..i really hope he finally sobers up long enough to quit his sad addiction. then, i'll be able to truthfully say he's charming. (if i don't meet him first. i'm absolutely positive he's a charming fellow.) so yes, that's the fine grime for the day. god speed, petey!

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