Sunday, 31 August 2008

erm, a bunch of topics

so, we played a nice show last night, our first time playing at the door dallas, which is right across the street from me, and despite the trouble we had with the venue, i really had a nice time. but now that all the fun's over, what am i to do? the time for education has come again. unfortunately, i start school on sept. 2. it feels like summer should just be starting! and i'm bored out of my mind, the last thing i want to do is study. the thing i do want is patrick's sweater. 
and these tights.
and LOAFERS. i have looked all over uo for the pretty loafers i saw online, but i haven't had any success.
in other news, i cut off all my hair, almost. i wish more people liked it, but at least i love it. it's so short, so i can mess it up all i want and almost never have to wash it (of course, i'm a very clean person, so i do wash it). i would have a picture up but i don't have any pictures just yet. hopefully someone took good looking pictures of me last night? also, i wish i had the courage to dye it blondish silverish like agyness deyn's. or red like patrick wolf's. i don't think i have it in me just yet! i'm enjoying my attempts to look like this picture of edie sedgwick:
i did my makeup like that last night, my hair too, but i think i came out more punk than anything else ha. and i am not doing my makeup like that every day, that's for sure.

that's all.

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