Saturday, 18 October 2008

decisions, decisions

halloween is coming upon us. el dia del los muertos. vampire weekend. what-have-you. 
and guess what. i'm having a party. so obviously, i need a costume.
but i don't know what costume. i was originally thinking andy warhol, since i've got the glasses and could dye my hair silver platinum. but then i, being my lazy self, decided that would be too much trouble, and who wants to wear pants anyway? ha, not me! (i never wear pants). so then i was like, "omgz, i could totally dress as a girl in the 20s going to play cricket." so i've been set on that until NOW when i saw this:

and this:

so now i'm all, "ahh i want to be a harlequin-mime thing! with argyle weird  stuff and ruffles and big shirts and little bloomer-type pants ahh." but where does one get harlequin-mime clothings without looking stupid? i suppose i could just wear fancy clothes and checkers and face paint and stuff. but would i look just normal? maybe i shouldn't dress so strangely on a regular basis, so that i can look the part. ha, right, fat chance i'll be dressing normal soon. 

so i'll have to decide that soon, seeing as it's two weeks away...

and another matter: i have no readers, because obviously i haven't reached out to one of the 23342 blogs i read, asking to tag me or just commenting or whatever. i'm too shy! ahhh! i hope this problem, along with the costume dilemma, will soon be solved.

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lookagoldenmouse said...

I thought you were adorable.

You blog makes me want to drink tea. I think I'll have some.