Tuesday, 7 October 2008

une revue

let me begin by vowing that i will cut to the chase and tell you what this is going to be about instead of continuing to talk about nothing of any importance and looking like an idiot, like i always do:

basically, this is a review of a really cool, unique ep by a really cool, unique musician (this is already getting lame, sorry). the musician, aria c jalali, is a guy who lives in san francisco and why do you need to know anything else, that in itself shows he's cool. i came upon this musician's music via the oh so wonderful world of myspace in early 2007 sometime. i can't remember what happened after that, but i do know that i really loved his music. so after listening to the stuff for many months, in october of 2007, i thought, "hey, why not do something worthwhile to keep myself entertained, since i'm always so bored! why not create a fansite for aria! woo." or something like that. so, yeah, i created railcarsinc. (back then it was jalaliinc or something). and i've had a lovely time giving, uh, moral support to what has now become a complete band, called railcars! the band now includes aria, biljana mirkovski, dasha bulatova, and shaw waters. hooray! they are wonderful, and have just released a new ep titled cities vs. submarines, which everyone should get NOW (of course, i haven't gotten around to buying the actual vinyl yet myself...but disregard my procrastination). so now, without further ado, here is the review:

as i listen to the ep, it plays out (to me, at least) like a book, or a really cool movie...the first song, there is ice; it is blue, is sort of like if you were diving underwater, and kept diving till you came upon this whole city under there, and it's really beautiful, and the fishes are dancing and stuff (that made it sound way more trippy than it really is, it's more glorious than trippy). just when you think it's too good to be true, it gets better as the ep progresses. it's incredibly entertaining and energetic. and while some "energetic" eps and albums can be too tiring and wear the listener out, this proves to be quite the opposite. you (or at least i) want to listen to it over and over again, and i don't think it's possible not to dance while listening to cities vs. submarines. it takes you on such an enjoyable ride- as a whole, it is epic and marvelous, but the individual songs can stand alone and are simply great. of course, this is not the best ep i've ever heard (the way i'm talking may seem like i think it is), but this is one of the best eps i've heard in a while. i'm not surprised that aria has made such great songs, but i am surprised by how unique they are. you can compare it to whatever you like, but i don't even know what to compare it to (which may show that i know a lot less about a wide range of music than some people do, but still). i recommend you listen to this ep, and not just because i love the band, but because the music provides a wonderful adventure in listening.

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