Wednesday, 31 December 2008

new year's resolutions

they are a bit overrated, seeing as i've known hardly anyone who has kept them (including me). but, this year, i'm at my wit's end with myself. i've been far too depressed and unconfident, and those things are something i can change by myself. of course, it won't be easy, but i can at least try (moral support, anyone?). every time i feel an urge to ridicule myself, or think i'm stupid/unattractive/weird, etc., i'll try to stop and say to myself, "no, you aren't. listen to the people who keep telling you you are beautiful and smart." i will not take insults, and i will be impervious to what people say (except when i really am being stupid and i'm hurting someone). i will not hurt myself emotionally. i'm a good person. i'm a nice person. i'm happy and i will be happy. my motto for 2009 is "i can do it". and i know i can. 

that is my resolution (uuhh, besides running 2 miles every day that i can haha). 

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ginny said...

haha, i have no resolutions really...well, i have one: to have a better wardrobe. and then, every other unknown resolution will fall from there.