Sunday, 4 January 2009

hangovers suck

ah so we played a show last night and i was super energetic (i know, right? craziness.) so it was fun even though apparently the sound was off (i wouldn't know, my monitor sounded fine to me). and then c shift played so since it was hunter's last time playing for them i decided to be nice and dance till i dropped (which i eventually did) with alex, so i danced so long and so much that it was like running a mile (equally exhilarating, at least). so now i'm sore and tired. and i didn't find anything at all at buffalo exchange today and it was really busy and i hate when the preps that go in there because they think it's a costume shop talk loudly and super annoyingly. sooo now i'm just feeling like this:


i'm listening to sonic youth's daydream nation. i dunno...everybody hypes them up so much and then doesn't and then i'm like, "eh, if i listened to them in the late 80s early 90s, i probs would like them." and i was born in the early 90s soooo i was watching scooby doo and crying and being me and my little precious kid self. so yeah, i'm not too hot about sonic youth. bahhh.

i do love, however, the movie control. i finally watched it thursday night and wowowowowow it's amazing. the fact that it's shot in b&w makes it cool, as well as the fact that the kid who played ian looks exactly like ian did (a bit prettier, maybe). sooo it made me want to listen to joy division, and i'm doing so right now. woo.

eh, pointless post. i just felt like doing something other than staring off into space listening to the national...

p.s. the coolness of the first picture is the work of this kid who lives in oklahoma i boring...

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