Saturday, 7 February 2009


there are about 389 amazing concerts coming up in the near future (as well as albums). 


devotchka-tomorrow, la zona rosa. this is the whole reason i'm in austin right now. i'm so. so. excited. they are also playing at house of blues (pontiac garage) on tuesday.

handsome furs-march 21, the loft. wow wow wow!

franz ferdinand-april 24, house of blues. i hugged my family when i heard this news. i was just ecstatic that they aren't playing nokia. whew. well, and their new album is amazing. 

the kills (and horrors!!!)-april 25, granada theater. i FINALLY get to go to granada for the first time in a year! i miss that venue so much.

bjm-april 14, granada. hope i can make it to this one! it would be awesome.

animal collective-june 4 (i think?), granada. everyone will be there. duh.


sorry 'bout the lack of posting, or interesting posting lately. i've been busy, or something?? i guess i've had a weird couple weeks. 


breezy said...

ahhh jealous you get to see animal collective and bjm! i wanted to go to the animal collective show here so bad but its 19+

Hail To The Thief said...

Out of those I've only ever seen The Horrors when they were supporting The Arctic Monkeys. They were really good but the crowd were too harsh on them.

I love that feeling too, when you have so many concerts coming up. I have about 10 over the next few months that I'm really impatient for.

Jen said...

haven't been to a show in ages- last one was in fact the horrors. so much fun. I've kinda lost interest in their music but I still love them, if that makes sense.

I also can relate to your last post- I worry obsessively about those things.

thanks for your comments. whenever the name lydia comes up I always think of this:

ha, sorry.

andypaperbag said...

woops signed into the wrong account
that was me : )

ginny said...

these sound like such fantastic gigs. you have earned my jealousy.