Monday, 23 November 2009


wow, i hate to keep apologizing, because i know it gets old, but really, i've been such a bad blogger for the past two months!! school is busier than ever, and a lot of stuff has happened in the past few weeks. thankfully, i'm on holiday right now for thanksgiving. no class this entire week! wooo!

as we all know, christmas is right around the bend, and i'm starting to make my lists of presents to get, for myself and for friends. christmas is probably my favorite holiday, because i just absolutely love giving gifts. but we should all be able to think about ourselves once in a while, right? well, here's what i wouldn't mind owning this december..

this shop is getting a lot of attention lately, and boy, is it well deserved. i bought my brother some really nice glasses for his birthday, so i'm hoping he's willing to return the favor by buying me some equally nice clothes. ;)
this sweater is absolutely amazing.

the cloak is also pretty freaking awesome. i love anything with a hood.


Dylana said...

OOH! Love the cloak! So chic! Yet so vampirish, also!

Anonymous said...

Hoods are good. But cloaks with hoods are better. Good to see you blogging again!

ginny said...

haha, i'm glad to have found a blogging buddy with the same struggles i have had. blogging + junior year isn't exactly the greatest of combinations... :)

brooke said...

hey, what have you been up to? hope all is well with you =]=] xx