Monday, 1 September 2008

my nails are black cherries

it's been a while since my nails have been painted. but now they have been painted. and it's this strange color called black cherry, it certainly does look like black cherries. so i was like "oh. cool. this probably won't match with any of my clothes. not that i care, because i never match ha! seriously, though, i don't match. just an observation of how black cherry is a strange color." well, after i've had the color for two days, i've found that it somewhat matches with everything i'm wearing. maybe it's kind of psychological, where the color of my nails is like, somehow forcing me to pick clothes that have "black cherry" in them. but nonetheless, everything i'm wearing turns out to have a shade of cherry in it. so weird! but cool. i like it, because my nails and my clothes match. it's an interesting feat i've never achieved before! hooray.

i have determined i need my own camera. maybe i could buy myself a lil camera. BUT NO i need new drums, too. i need a source of income, is what i need!

also, i posted an angry, venting bulletin on my myspace about an hour ago. and while i'm still bored out of my mind, i've put on one of my cardigans (they always comfort me, like a blankie. so warm, so soft. keeping me from my wintry room, even though it's 100 degrees outside.), and i have looked at blogs. i'm a bit better now. thanks. (not like anyone has asked how i'm doing HUH)

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