Sunday, 27 September 2009

i'm very sorry

i haven't posted in the longest time! the truth is i've been extremely busy lately. insanely busy! the only things i've been doing for the past few weeks is practicing piano incessantly, running, and writing endless essays and reading endless books.

i did go see the horrors/crocodiles/the burning hotels at the granada the other night, which was pretty nifty. they were all really great, really talented.
the burning hotels:

one really blurry picture of crocodiles (there lighting was dim and they moved around...a lot):

faris recognized my brother and i from previous shows, which made my week.

another band that has made my week is fanfarlo. i rediscovered how much i love if only they would come here!!

alright...i'll post soon, i promise! right now i have to do more work.. :(


brooke said...

missed you! glad you had a good night, its so cool that he recognised you!


Anonymous said...

Ah The Horrors! I'm so jealous right now!
Theyre coming here in December, so maybe I'll get my chance yet.

dapper kid said...

Ahhh sounds like fun :D Hope you're having a lovely week dear.

yiqin; said...

OMG looks so fun!!

blorange dice said...

wow, you got some really cool shots at that show! and that is so awesome one of the guys recognized you- what a nice feeing (:

blorange dice said...

very true. haha, and i think engagement is pretty far off in the future for me as well.

hope you're not too stressed!

Anonymous said...

wow! you got such good photos of them! im jealous.

loving the striped turtleneck by the way.

Natalie said...

how fun! i love the horrors! :)