Friday, 21 November 2008

it's beginning to feel a lot like christmas?

IT IS SO COLD TODAY. apparently, it's 47 degrees outside right now. CRAZY. I LOVE IT.

i love christmas. mainly for the cold and the time of from school (yay! but it also means that from january 6th to april 17, i won't get a break), but still. it's awesome.

anyway. the cold weather/commencement of holiday propaganda (ahem, ads. people are trying desperately to stretch their dollar and yet they are still buying gigantic blow-up santas to put in their front yard. i have to admit, though, the santas are so amusing.) is obviously making me think of christmas (even though it's a month away and i still have 3 weeks left of school). i absolutely DETEST the cheesy cheese lame gross ew ew bad bad christmas music everyone plays. not surprising, eh? i'm so critical, music-wise. 

anyhow, i love love love love love listening to music from the 40s around christmas time. for some reason, anytime i hear glenn miller, it makes me want hot chocolate and a blanket. dunno why. but now i really want to listen to 40s music. 

of course, there's always sufjan stevens' songs for christmas to listen to...speaking of sufjan, he hasn't done anything in a long while.

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