Monday, 24 November 2008

a post to past the time

so i'm not sure why i'm posting this, but i've been surfing the blogosphere all day, and i guess that influences me to post.

so. first, i want to say something to everyone who plans on ringing our doorbell: we won't hear you. no one is ever on that floor and on the off chance that someone is on that floor, it would most likely be either 1. my mom, who would be sewing or cooking, therefore not hearing the ring, 2. myself, who would be watching house/heroes, therefore way too lazy/not in the mood to get up and open the door, or 3. nathan, who would be in the kitchen, probably watching some weird video or listening to something, therefore not hearing the ring. so call the house phone or my phone or whomever you might want to call, and have us open the BACK door, where hippies come in (a joke only a certain few would get).
(that's an old doorbell from venice)

secondly, it is thanksgiving break. woohoo. well it technically starts tomorrow, seeing as that is when my school week would normally start, but whatevz (when do i ever say that heehee!). and so far it's been uneventful, boring. for example: i have a doctor's appointment at 3:30 which consists of me getting toooons of blood tests done, blah blah blah, really boring and worthless (just give me vitamins and iron supplements and acquired pediatric hypothyroid medicine and be done with it!). also i have, o n my desk, three things: a dr. pepper can (empty, how sad), a wrapper from a kashi cereal bar (my breakfast), and a water bottle (empty as well). OH and bethany's ipod, which i still haven't uploaded songs onto. aarrrrrrg. therefore, this shows that i am SO BORED. i also have like 821973 blogs up in 821973 tabs. and a GIGANTIC run in my hoes which i am wearing right now! aaaarrg. also, facebook is being boring to me, and i WANT TO DO SOMETHING TODAY BESIDES SIT/DO OTHER BORING THINGS.
(bored cat)
sorry. enough complaining. it's entertaining.

hair cut?
yeah, i know everybody and their mom has gotten/wishes to don aggyness deyn hair, BUT i am part of that everybody and their mom. plus, i kind of sport a mullet right now, haha:
(taken on saturday. and yeah, i edited it, just because i LOVE green [i kid])
so, haircut time! i am obviously trying to look as much like a boy as i possibly can, hah. i already have the clothes! anyway, here are some boyish pictures of me and my hair and my no-makeup-ed-face today:
(hehe, fat face)
see, my hair is SO LONG. AGH.

so can you tell i'm bored? i want to watch juno for the 8th time. and i most definitely do NOT want to go to the doctor.

watch these (i love love this band):

okay, that's all for now. i have to go. bye bye!

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