Saturday, 15 November 2008


i suppose this has become more of a journal-type thing more than an actual blog (not entirely my fault, seeing as i can now say i've told tons o' peeps about this). but i guess that's for the better. not having any readers (except you, sofía) does have its perks! for example:

-i can embarrass myself immensely in posts and not feel like a total loser! because sof already makes fun of me/abuses me/recognizes that i am a loser. therefore, NO SHAME.

-i don't have to worry about pleasing any readers, or making vlogs, or posting any remotely interesting posts! ever! therefore, NO PRESSURE. 

-i can freely live in blissful ignorance of my boringness due to my (slightly) boring life, for i wouldn't have any readers to bring me back to reality! therefore, NO CHANGE (oh the sarcasm).

i can't think of any more perks but i'm SURE  there are some! i'll stay positive!



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