Saturday, 22 November 2008

november 14, 2008

so, last friday, of montreal came and played in dallas. the show was amazing, but what was really amazing was what they did after the show. the band, their peeps, and 10 or 15 kids, gathered around with two acoustic guitars and sang about 7 old of montreal songs. it was great fun, despite the cold (which almost none of us were dressed for). i was fortunate enough to be part of it, though i was probably singing harmonies like an idiot and dancing and clapping and, well, just being extremely happy. at the end of the actual show, kevin had said "thanks for letting us be ourselves!" which is definitely what we all were during those 45 minutes outside the venue. here are the only videos i could find of the show...i didn't have a camera, sadly. the videos don't capture the real magic of the songs, or the environment (too bad we didn't have vincent moon to document the whole thing haha), but it's something!


VacuumBoots said...

GAH... I'm sooo jealous! you going to Little Joy on Wednesday?

lydia said...

i suuuure am going to that concert tomorrow! it will be amazing! do still not have the b&s live in belfast cd?