Thursday, 5 March 2009

oh no...i'm completely uninspired.

i am SO SO sorry for not posting over the long weekend. all i did was sleep and do nothing else except maybe eat tons of these:

i'm such a fatty.

anyway, not all is lost! i'm sure i will obtain inspiration soon!  

i figure the best way to be inspired is scouring tons and tons of blogs. also listening to (new) music and watching movies, but you know, spending hours upon hours reading blogs is waaay less productive (seeing as i can multitask when i'm listening to music and watching a movie), so it's automatically more appealing!

here are some things i've been thinking about this past week...
tavi recently posted about these:
and i literally died. i mean, are those the most beautiful things you ever did see or what?!

while everyone east of me is (or..was) experiencing REALLY heavy snow, it's spring here. officially. the blooms are a-coming and the weather speaks for itself. i actually don't mind it. but i'm ready for summer. 

well, another thing i've been thinking about is work. but i DO NOT want to think about that right now. please let's not get into that. 

something you should definitely read weekly: mary's embracing monday posts. i look forward to them and they make me so happy! mondays have always been worse than tuesdays for me; they begin my week, i always have the most work to do on mondays, and even though i don't have classes on mondays, they are always the most stressful. therefore, mary's weekly posts are a joy to read.

also, i have to profess my love for nogoodforme. i don't check the site very often, but that makes liz, kat, and laura jane's posts so much more special. i am a little bit ashamed to say i spend a lot of time looking through archives and reading every word they write. they write about, well, everything. this makes me happy seeing as i cannot simply write about one subject. each post is worth reading. i mean, WHAT'S NOT TO LOVE. really. 

also, beirut/realpeople's march of the zapotec/holland ep came out a couple weeks ago, and i, of course, am in love. except that it's WAY too short. i'm all into it and happy and all, and then it stops. it's still amazing though. i don't think i've disliked anything that man has created.

ah. i guess that's it. sad, ain't it? this is how boring my day-to-day life is.

i wish i was here again:


brooke said...

hey dearie, cute post :) mm food, I am so freaking hungry these days...

Brooke xx

ginny said...

milanosssss ;)

me love.

the prada shoes are eh. i'm not the biggest fan of prada. it's just an odd preference of mine.

Twobreadsplease said...

Those shoes are amazing. And I eat alllllll the time, I think one day i'm just going to explode. Eep. xx

Emz said...

Milano's are my life. haha. =) Too many crazy shoes in a ready to wear season!! And yea... it has been so far rather uninspiring