Tuesday, 24 March 2009

the ladies

after much ado, i present to you my lovely (and sexy) list of the 5 sexiest (and loveliest) women of modern music!!*

1. jenny lewis-she is everyone's favorite lady musician (and by everyone, i mean my circle of friends. and anyone who has ever seen her live, i would suppose), for her talent, poise, and overall HOTNESS. and i hate saying hot, but man. she is. just look at her! not only is she an amazing songwriter, but she has a voice that not many people have, a crazy range, she's been around for que a while (musically, i mean), she's sweet, she's cute, she's sexy, she's attractive, she's a strong, beautiful woman, and she's sexy:

2. eleanor friedberger-i've already mentioned her at least once in this blog, and i'll mention her again. she's beautiful, is in a really, really great band, has an awesome brother, has an awesome boyfriend, has wonderful style, and has a crazy awesome voice, among other things. she probably doesn't have as many men falling at her feet as jenny does, but that's even sexier. if she's not sexy, i don't know who is.  

3. natasha khan-you know she's sexy the minute you hear her voice; her music is sexy. so is her fashion. and her makeup. and basically everything about her. anybody who wears the amazing headdresses she wears is automatically wonderful, and she also greatly reminds me of patrick wolf, who is the epitome of sexy...in my opinion. anyway, these pictures speak for themselves:

4. alison mosshart-okay, so she would be on everyone's list, and a lot of peeps have grown tired of her perpetual coolness. but i, for one, haven't. listen to keep on your mean side-now that is a sexy album. and she is one of those kinds of people who can make smoking look so cool...even though it's the opposite for ya lungs (i'm not saying smoking is cool plz don't get onto me plz)...and i mean, you have to admit, she's sexy. even if you don't like her, she's sexy. am i right or am i right. i am right. just look!

5. last, but definitely not least, regina spektor-i was contemplating putting her on this list, solely for my thought that she was more adorable than sexy. but then i thought about it some more, and realized that she is really very sexy; she has a wonderful voice, and when she does punk songs, it really shows her sexiness. she dresses extremely well, has a beautiful figure (which isn't that  important, but she's fuller than many sexy ladies, which is awesome) and a beautiful upbringing. on top of all that, she's a great musician. basically, i thought, how can she not be sexy. she's such an inspiration! these pictures i found finally convinced me that she should be #5:

 well, there you go! i hope you enjoyed this (read: you better have enjoyed this, because it took me some time...time i could have spent doing math or reading 1984! ha. ha.)! 

until the next time i post, which will hopefully be sooner rather than later (i've got a busy week..)!


*the reason i didn't write a list of sexy modern musician men is because the list would be too long. way. too. long. 


brooke said...

love the second picture of Natasha. And god bless regina spektor! she is so awesome. awesome list =]

do the men. comeonnn you know you want to :P

Brooke xx

Hail To The Thief said...

I think Natasha Kahn is amazing. I think I would have to include Karen O in my own list.

The Clothes Horse said...

OOoh, I do love Regina Spektor and Jenny Lewis.

Lori said...

alison mosshart- killer voice and style

Couture Carrie said...

Fab list and pics!


Mary said...

I agree with all of these, and I LOOVE that picture at the top! So graceful!

Casey said...

Jenny Lewis Jenny Lewis Jenny Lewis!
How is she so darn cute!?

Francheska said...

I loved this post!
I love love natasha khan. regina spektor and jenny lewis!
gotta check the other ones out too!!!
thank you :)