Monday, 30 March 2009

so it's my birthday. i've had a wonderful day with friends and my parents and brother.

i've been really busy this week, therefore not having time to post, so i apologize. hopefully this week will be a little more tame, considering it's the week before my spring break.

hope you've all had a great week! i hope to post something soon. bear with me until i'm free.

beautiful, ain't it?

from the astronomy picture of the day website.


Anonymous said...

love pictures of galaxies, they're so gorgeous and they seem to be popping up a lot of blogs lately! have a wonderfully fabulously brilliant birthday!

Hail To The Thief said...

happy birthday!

brooke said...

ive started following this site, thankyou so much for mentioning it.

hope you had an AWESOME day.
have you worn your yokoo bow yet? I always think baout you when I see bows, ahha.

Brooke xx

Anonymous said...


ginny said...

happy happy happy birthday
happy happy happy birthday
to you to you to you

okay, sorry, but happy belated birthday none the less.

ginny said...

ahh, i actually need to get my nails re-painted. they've chipped so much it's rediculous. i'm kind of upset, but what the heck...i have to deal.

Kristin said...

*Please follow my fashion blog anyone at all!
Here's the link: