Saturday, 22 August 2009

many things

every time i watch amelie, it makes me appreciate things so much more and find everything beautiful. i think it's a good idea to watch it when you're feeling down or are generally unimpressed by your surroundings. of course, it's a good idea to watch amelie at any time. i hadn't watched it in about 6 months, until last night, and now my love for small pleasures in life is renewed! (no i am not exaggerating, the film really does have that power)

i need these shoes:

from this place. they're jeffrey campbell.

also, look what i got in the mail! my latest purchases:

the sartorialist. it's such a lovely book, with almost no words, just hundreds of scott's (best) pictures. i know i'll keep going back to that whenever i need outfit inspiration.

my new shoes which i will be wearing nonstop from now until next summer. i wore them for four hours today and although my feet are dead, i felt REALLY great wearing them.

and the big pink bow i talked about. it's a wonderful color and really soft and

today my brother auditioned for the kim dawson model search. this contest has produced models such as erin wasson and ali michael (whom i saw there!), and is really a big deal here in dallas. haha. unlike me, nathan is 5'11" and skiiinny, so we told him to go ahead and apply. we'll see if he makes it, but there's always next year, and i do think he has a chance! anyway, it was pretty fun, and considering that's probably the closest i'm ever gonna get to being involved with the fashion business, it was cool. oh, and i wore the wedges above to this thing, so that i could fit in with all the 5'8" girls there (i'm 5'5"). haha.

i have no idea where this picture came from or why it says "coming soon...", but i love it. it reminds me of palm springs. i've been wanting to go back there recently, but only for the ace hotel. if you're ever in palm springs, stay there. i don't care if all you can afford is a car to sleep in, GO. it's amazing. and the food is even better. perfect for a hangover cure!!

i adore this girl's outfit. it's lovely. from style bubble.

i saw bat for lashes the other night. they were GREAT and extremely talented. i was reminded how much i love natasha khan. not that i needed reminding or anything.

finally, brooke gave me an award!!

yay, i'm so very happy.
i'm going to pass on the award to ginny of drink some gin. she's really, really cool.


brooke said...

I agree with you about Ginny!! haha. LOVE your new shoes, they are overly cute and just perfect really. gorgeous colour.

wow, the sartorialist book!! I'm craving it. I dont know how big of a fan I am of scott, but I love the photos and the people he photographs... its amazing. I'll be ordering this one for sure!!


ONiC said...

omg! the sartorialist book! i want one, gonna buy it soon! but i hate shipping cost, esp international shipping lol

Anonymous said...

I 100% completely agree about Amelie, its such a great film to watch when you're sick too.

And I love those boots! I have no idea why I'm craving a pair when it's summer :/ oh well!

yiqin; said...

OMG I want it too. I don't know whether the book is avail here :(

Isabel said...

Ahhh, you are so adorable and have the best hair ever!

On a different note, there was a pair of shoes at Aldo last year that looked EXACTLY the same and I was obsessed with them but never bought them and now they aren't available anymore. Get the Campbells while you can!

Maverick Malone said...

Love that first pair of shoes...AND I love that pink bow in your hair :)

ginny said...

ohmigosh. :D :D


i wish i could give you a great big hug, but i can't. i'll give you a virtual hug, haha *hugs*

and thanks to brooke too, who agreed! ;)

bat for lashes...who couldn't love natasha khan? i'm addicted to daniel right now.

Rebecca, The Clothes Horse said...

Ooh, the Sart book! Too cool. I like the boots too...on the hunt for my own "perfect" pair.

[LA] said...

The extremely big bow! SO COOL with your colour hair!

Anonymous said...

thank you for your loveliness comment! Those shoes are pretty gorgeous, the colour is beautiful and they look cute yet quietly elegant-I want them!!!!!!!!!

And having the Sartorialist's book is making me quite the envious girl, it comes to the uk in September and I am counting down the days... Does it feature photos that are not on his blog?
I wish your brother luck with his modelling-how exciting :D

Anonymous said...

i've never seen amelie but it's my grandpa's favourite film, so i'll probably get around to it soon :-)

i've been meaning to buy the sartorialist book, it looks amazing.

just to let you know, that bow is completely brilliant. it's perfect on you :-)

BohemianSpirit said...

Oh my god, your hair is lovely! And that bow is perfection.

Glad to hear you like Nouvelle Vague! They're not so known around and I don't know if it isn't just better this way.

Amelie is indeed a gorgeous movie. I feel the urge to Ebay a Polaroid everytime.

Aya Smith said...

I love the bow in your hair! So adorable.. it's funny because I just blogged about "bows in hair". I love it with your hair color, so sweet :)

dapper kid said...

Amelie always make me happy when I'm down :) And ooh the Sart book looks so fabulous. Absolutely loving your hair bow dear. Good luck to your brother! Hope you're having a beautiful day :)

Mila said...

Oh wow I would love to have The Sartorialist book

Mila said...

About my header,I just googled fashion editorials and there it was :)

Sam said...

What a sweet post! Amelie has that effect on me too - must watch it again sometime! I think I found your blog thrugh Our City Lights - it's lovely!

Anonymous said...

So many things. First, I just saw Amelie for the first time this week, and it was wonderful! Second, I can't believe Nathan auditioned for the model search! That's perfect! What happened?! And...I think there was something else...oh! I LOVE LOVE LOVE that pink bow. So much. It's perfect on you. :)

rani said...

love love your mary jane wedges, i like the vintage vibe :D ooopppsss sorry for misidentifying you earlier.. now that i've seen you, i realize i envy your hair :D i want that hairstyle and color sooo edgy ;) peace out