Saturday, 6 September 2008

el laberinto del fauno

i watched pan's labyrinth last night. i think the english title should have kept true to the spanish one, and should have been faun's labyrinth, but that is the only thing i didn't like. it was beautiful, haunting, gruesome, magical, and sad. ivana baquero played ofelia really, really well. actually, i thought all the acting was wonderful, from every character. it was a modern-day fairy tale, that faced serious issues as well. i love a good anti-fascist movie! and the fact that it's spanish was cool, i could understand [some of] it (which is surprising seeing as i haven't had bi-weekly spanish lesson for 3 months), and i remembered how much i love hearing people speak spanish, especially castilian. the monsters (mr. faun and pale man, as well as captain vidal!) were fabulous creatures, things that could make you scared just by looking at them, especially the pale man. so all in all it was a marvelous movie, definitely worth seeing! i loved it. and i'm going to end now because i just read over what i've written and it sounds really "oh yes, i am intellectual, oh yes, if you want to talk about politics and the franco regime, i'm your girl!" but that is not what i want to put across because i am so humble like that (not really). well, and i don't want to talk about politics, no thank you. i'm not against them or whatever, i don't think they are super boring, i'd just much rather talk about a lot of things that aren't politics. ah, ok. i'm so scared someone's going to come along and hear me talk about how i don't like talking about politics as much as everyone else does, and they'll be all upon me (all upon me? i don't know why i just said that.), saying "you are ignorant and blahablhablha because you think politics are boring, you are so juvenile, blahablhabh". anyway. what was my point? oh yeah, pan's labyrinth. it's gooood, see it!
yo what up, hombre pálido! you be hungry for some niñas, ehh?

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