Tuesday, 2 September 2008

i've thought it over, i've had a good day

i woke up today with a  jolt. it was due to my alarm going off, for the first time in 3 months, alerting me to get up and going at 6:45am. somehow, after reviewing what day it was, what time it was, what i was about to do, i practically jumped out of bed and skipped to the bathroom, only to find ants invading my trash can (turns out there had been rotten food in my overused and neglected rubbish bin). instead of getting off to a bad start, i skipped up the stairs, drank a fruit shake, and annihilated the ants. then i quickly got ready for the day, and rode off to school with nathan. (by that time i was thinking, "how am i this perky? i can't be this perky. won't last.") so i went through my day, chatting/giggling with sofia. after getting off at 11am, we went to the retta's house to eat. we had a wonderful luncheon, with macaroni and cheese and organic beans and brownies and playmobiles. yes, it was quite a kiddy lunch, but it was great. as much as i love hanging out with big groups of (nice) people and as much as i wish i knew more (nice) people, i absolutely love hanging out with my 3 best friends: my brother, julia, and sofia. well, i love hanging out with them when we're all in good moods ha. but then again, who likes hanging out with people when they're in bad moods! so anyway, after eating/playing, nathan and i went home and started school work (which took 3 hours, not the best part of my day obv). and i had a nice internet-surfing day, then ate dinner and internet-surfed some more. now i finish my day with a cup of chamomile tea and a cookie. wonderful. let's hope i have another good day tomorrow, eh? (of course, i know it's partly because of how i view my day, if i believe i'm going to have a good day and i don't let things get me down, i have a good day. if not, i don't. i know that. but some days it's harder than others)



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