Saturday, 20 September 2008


i love writing, obviously. i started this blog mainly because of that. but throughout my life, i'm probably going to be faced with the words "written off topic" on essays and papers. i'm not sure i can help writing "off topic" much. because what i'm good at, and what i always do, is creative writing. i think of something along the lines of the topic and just expound, pouring my words out onto the paper, speaking my mind about things. which i thought was good, isn't it? i guess not. i want to write for my own pleasure, give me something to write about and i'll just go for it. but stay on topic? maybe not. i'm always talking, and i really want to talk about things that interest me or don't interest me, and why. i hate writing on things that i can't write about. if i were to do an essay on dogs being man's best friend, for example, i wouldn't have anything to say. at all. this is what i have to say about dogs in general: "dogs are mammals who are all pretty stupid except for the few smart ones who provide some entertainment. the especially sinister ones eat children and stink and slobber all over carpets. i don't see how they are man's best friend, unless man is as strange as the dog. the end." what i'd rather study and write about, would be sinister dogs with rabies. that would be interesting. but i wouldn't be staying on topic, would i? i'm perplexed with this issue. i love to write, but if something doesn't interest me, how can i write about it? and how can i stay on topic if i hardly know what the topic is?

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