Tuesday, 16 September 2008

giant papillary conjunctivitis! woohoo!

hi guys. i am a dork. officially. i mean, the title just screams that, huh. i came to this realization (no i shall not spell it the brit way, even though i usually do since i'm an anglophile, because that will make me look like more of a dork, eh) by realizing these two facts about myself:

1. i was about to post another post on how i am filled with IRE and STRESS because i received an 80 (out of 100) on an essay i wrote. now, i do have my reasons on why this has made me so angry/sad/stressed, including, but not limited to:i thought i did an amazing job on the seemingly easy essay, the reasons the teacher gave in explanation for my grade were almost completely pointless, i don't even know what the teacher wants from me, in terms of my essays, anymore, at all, which puts me in an even worse place, i was sick (YES! SICK! IMAGINE THAT!) on the day the teacher discussed the essay (therefore not getting the lecture on it,  IMAGINE THAT! YES!), the person next to me who is somewhat less experienced in writing due to not reading anything, ever, and not writing anything, ever (whereas i've been reading three books at least every month for nearly all my life, and have been writing things for nearly all my life) and the essay was the first legit essay i wrote for the teacher. still, it shows i'm a dork. not only have i failed my standards in the 3rd week of school, but i have also proven myself to be the person in the class who freaks out when they make a B. 

2. i went to the ophthalmologist  yesterday (that in itself shows i'm a dork), and was diagnosed with giant papillary conjunctivitis. most people can't even pronounce those words. it's an infection, sort of like pink eye but a lot worse and different. my upper eyelid is infected, it's gotten extremely thick (don't know how, or why that's bad), to where, if you were to look at it, it's very, very red and you can't see the capillaries. uninfected eyelids are whiter and you can see the capillaries. but on mine, you can't. so it could actually make me blind, if i kept wearing contacts. obviously i don't want to be blind, so i'm having to wear glasses perpetually, or well, until the infection goes away. even then, i have to be extra extra careful, because it could come back. this infection's kind of like any other infection-it makes me sick, because my immune system is down. this could be why i've not felt completely well for the past 6 months. so besides showing me to be a dork, it's painful,  gross, and scary. 

so that's what's up, that's why i'm a dork. i know this post is pretty bird's-songs-ish, but oh well. 

count on seeing another rather ehhhh unhappy post tomorrow, i've finally got a scheduled post! wahoo! right, and there's no readers for me to schedule it for. :(( bah.

oh, actually, i've got two scheduled posts: soon, i'm going to do a post on my loverly friend aria's newish albumish thing, titled cities vs. submarines, which you all should listen to now!


i wish 

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