Thursday, 8 January 2009

thinking thinking thinking thinking thinking

i've been pondering a few things lately, and decided to share them with you (even though there are only like, two?? of you. psh):

first, my guilty pleasures-these include m.i.a.*

real hardcore penny loafers

and, lastly, fashion blogs.
yep. either you love 'em or you hate 'em. i, for one, love them. but i'm a teensy bit ashamed of my love for fashion blogs. i mean, i love love music. it's my life. but i also adore fashion. i may not think it's serious thing that isn't in any way superficial or anything, but i do love getting dressed in the morning. think fashion can be an art form. and i definitely think it's superficial, but when i put on clothes that make me feel good, or are crazy and make me feel different, i feel great. so does everyone, i think. think about it-you have your favorite shirt, pants, outfit, whatever. why is it your favorite? i would dare to say that most people would say it's their favorite because they think they look great in it, it's comfy (or not so much, if they're heels), and you feel confident while wearing it. that's why i love fashion. i have low self-esteem, and the one activity that makes me feel better (most of the time) about myself (besides running haha) is coming up with some ridiculous, cool outfit that no one else has worn before. kids at most high schools wear sweat pants and t shirts to school-boring and nonchalant. so when i come to school in a dress and a tutu and bright yellow shoes and tights, i feel awesome. people compliment me (or just look at me strangely) and i feel proud of myself for wearing something so different. anyway, fashion blogs just give me the inspiration when i'm feeling down, they make me feel more normal (because i realize there are girls out there just like me). there are billions of fashion blogs out in the blogosphere and i am super picky about the ones that i follow (more on that later haha). they have to get me interested. there are stereotypical fashion blogs, the ones that consist of girls who are obsessed with themselves and don't appreciate fashion really, they just like looking slutty and talking about themselves. but then there are ones that consist of real people, people whom i admire, for their taste and personalities and confidence. people who are beautiful inside and out. frankly, i get bored with being a music fan all the time. i need another hobby. and whether you think it's cool or not, fashion is my other hobby. so there! 

okay, so that brings me to my next point of this post: the ultimate fashion challenge. i learned just yesterday of this blog called which i am still confused about and there are tons of words in the posts but ANYWAY. i learned that one of the contributers to the blog recently took part in a certain ultimate fashion challenge which meant wearing every single piece of clothing in her closet (excluding some things) and wearing them only once. i found this immensely interesting and i'm always up to a challenge (almost always), as well as the fact that i do wear certain clothes way too much. it would be super hard, and i would feel really self-conscious and it would take a long time aaand i might have to wait until i obtain my wishlist. hahah. buuut i'm still willing to try it. so we'll see where that goes. hmmmmm.

this is what i do when i get a comment on one of my posts:

"YES!!!!" also, note my perfectly clean room heehee.
so comment. plz. makes me happyyy when skies are graay.

mm also, two other embarrassing loves of mine:

jews (which literally everyone knows about. even my lit teacher ahhahah)

a pissed off jew cat!

an amstell jew!

a hasidic jew!

i love jews so much they are all so cute. heehee! not that i'm embarrassed that i like them, i really love all races, it just so happens that i think jews are really cute and the old men jews are bitter but that just makes them anyway, it's a weird affinity. and a lot of people just think i'm super weird for loving jews. but i don't think it's weird. 

and being supah white. i think i've already mentioned this in a post before, but it's crazy how many of those posts i can relate to hahaha. :| that is kiiind of embarrassing, ya know?

soo anyway, i LOVE YOU SO MUCH if you actually read this entire thing. i bet you didn't! hehe, it's alright, though. i don't care so much. stuff happens (and doesn't happen). 

p.s. i think i got the first picture from miz knight cat. the rest was from google yay!!

*i wasn't gonna explain my other guilty pleasures, but my reason for feeling guilty about liking mia is that she's such a stereotypical hipster thing to like, but i can't help it-even if she sampled straight to hell. my reason for feeling guilty about liking penny loafers is because, well, they are clunky old lady shoes/uniform and private school shoes, that most peeps would take one look at and vow never to step into one. but hey, after they get worn-in and dirty, they are quite the alternative to dirty converse. 


ginny said...

ahhh i have a unhealthy obsession with deer. it's extended from an inside joke...anyways, i actually sent that picture to all my friends months ago, and they replied, "you would send this picture to me."

oh, and i found this quote along with a nice piece of italian chocolate the other day that would totally pertain to you and your jew love. it said, "love all, trust a jew, do wrong to none. -w. shakespeare"

and i thrift a lot of shoes too...maybe i should check out camper sometime. investment shoes are always good. :D

emilie and emily said...

i would follow your blog but i don't see where the option is!
i like it, i like your writings

P.S. i like your teeth

Ana said...

the picture of the deer is so amazing for some reason

Chester said...

I love the first picture you posted!
I bet a lot more people read your blog then comment. :)

TheGlamorousEccentric said...

Love MIA, penny loafers and fashion blogs as well hah. Horrible guilty pleasures.

lydia said...

wowza, i've never gotten more than 2 comments before! thank you!!!

emilie and emily (haha, how do you actually spell your name?): yeahh i've been to lazy to make that an option. i prob. should though. and thanks, i'm a bit obsessive about keeping my teeth clean. i guess it pays off!

ana: I KNOW isn't it!

chester: haha. i suppose you're right! since 5 people commented this time.

the glamorous eccentric: haha, i'm so glad someone else likes them too.

brooke said...

i did read the whole thing!!


that comment you gave me was probably the nicest thing anyone's ever said, taking into account that it is fairly anonymous and you didnt have to say anything at all, but you did and it was gorgeous. *sniff*.

well, this was an awesome post and that spiel about fashion blogs was perfect... i wholeheartedly agree with pretty much everything you said. congrats on cleaning your room, you have totally inspired me to clean mine, now!!!

thankyou everso, again.

<3 brooke

(ps, your hair is really cool)