Sunday, 11 January 2009

wowza, is this actually getting somewhere?

i added that lil gadget that enables peeps to publicly follow this blog. juuust in case anyone wants to, hint hint. 

anyways, thank you so much for commenting! you are lovely.

since this post is being published on a whim and is also pretty pointless, i'll excite you with the cover of beirut's upcoming double EP marhc of the zapotec/holland:

hooray! i'm so excited for this. you have no idea. ahhhh. i love love the joys of losing weight, so hearing holland will be super wonderful, and march of the zapotec OBVIOUSLY is going to be EPIC. you know those things that just want to make you shout "hallelujah"? well. this is one of those things.

also, i don't remember where i found this, but it makes me want snow really badly:

here in dallas, we only get about 2 snows a year, if that. this year we've already gotten two (or three? i canst remember), buuut i want a real snow. not like that ever happens here. whenever it gets cold enough to snow for a while, it ices. arg.

and enjoy this photo of me holding my cat who really doesn't want to be held (she is so whiny yet sweet):

also, after watching control, i'm listening to joy division a whooooole lot. hmm, i've finally jumped on the joy division fan bandwagon.

ah, so another random post. sorry. i'll get to something more important sooner or later.


brooke said...

youre lucky to get snow in your city!! i have to drive about 5 hours to get to any snow :(

cute random post :)


La Fée said...

your cat is cute :)

BohemianSpirit said...

So I'm new to this blog. I actually saw your comment on The Sartorialist. It was the name though, more than the comment itself. Lydia, it's mine too, see.
And Joy Division is diviiine! Hope to read more soon :)

Stacy said...

Be glad you don't get snow. It's only awesome until you can't drive your car for ten days.