Wednesday, 21 January 2009


obviously i am beginning to be quite popular and everyone looks up to me and admires my run-on sentence skills (intense sarcasm), because i have been graciously tagged again, this time by sophie.

the fourth picture in the fourth folder where i keep my pictures on my computer (whew. fortunately, i didn't pick the fourth picture from the fourth folder in my last tag, otherwise it would have been my brother and i standing outside a greek academy again [see last post]):

i drag a  lot of inspiration into my iphoto, and inspiration is what this picture is. from the one and only sartorialist, a picture he took in florence. i just love it because it looks noir and it's just really beautiful all around.

in another news....
the weather has been so weird lately. it'll be 70 one day, 80 the next, and then 40 the next day. i don't get it. and it confuses my body warmth haha. i'll walk outside and it'll be freezing, even though i know by noon it will be hot. so i'm cold then hot then cold then hot then cold again.

also, we went to the matthew and the arrogant sea show last night. except we didn't stay long enough to actually see matthew and the arrogant sea. haha. i'm not ready to stay up till 2 while everyone around me is getting drunker/more stoned by the minute. anyway, the first band was great, which made up for the fact that we couldn't see the rest.

i just realized that i'm awful at making lists. i can't remember aaanything. ah, god, i'm blind, deaf, and  ADD. 

sorry for the lack of nice posting lately. i've been in a.....weird...mood. i'll get back to normal soon, i promise. at least after the devotchka concert two weeks from now. I AM SO EXCITED.


Hail To The Thief said...

That's a great picture. I love film noir.

I love that you can pause a noir at any moment and each shot looks as beautiful as the last.

yiqin; said...

Ah yes, the sart takes one of the best photos around.

brooke said...

haha, weather has been awful here lately too. I know youre in F and I'm in C, but some days it's 24 and others its like 40... its ridiculous, because I cant plan my outifts!! ahha

totally agreeing with you about that photo, it is quite noir and just looks like it is out of some film noir 1920s film set... gorgeous.

<3 brooke