Saturday, 17 January 2009

ze tag

so. i was tagged by ginny to do a survey. which is perfect, because i am quite tired and i don't feel like doing anything that i should be doing (i.e., getting ready for my show tonight, helping my mother get ready for a baby shower she's hosting, sleeping). so here we go, i decided to do all of them (see the above statement):

cinco cosas sobre mí:

-i love interior design, but i don't know if i'd ever want to go into it (me mum's an interior designer). having a pretty room and decorating it is fine with me.
-i am absolutely in love with zach condon.
-i dream of living in brooklyn (or anywhere in nyc), or san francisco.
-i play piano, drums, and accordion. though i'm not that great at accordion haha. and i cannot play guitar. seriously. i'm so awful at it.
-i have the same birthday as vincent van gogh.

fourth picture in my photo folder (iphoto for me):

this is me and my bro in athens, greece, last summer. the building behind us is some academy or something. it was hot. like, 40 degrees celsius.

six things that make me happy:

-jews. this has already been explained.
-pretty calendars. every year, i pick out a new calendar. i have an old new york one right now and it's lovely.
-my cork board of inspiration, memories, and ticket stubs.
-petits fours and cupcakes.. mmmm. i love love love them. 'nuff said.
-really great songs. (nantes, talk show host, unattainable, for example)
-well-dressed old ladies and men.

10 honest things about myself (who needs myspace surveys when you can get tagged, huh!):

-i am constantly worrying about studying so i can get good grades so i can get into a good university so i can live in a beautiful city.
-there will be no belonging more beautiful to me than my 12" baby grand piano. it's 100 years old and even though it's perpetually out of tune, it always sounds great.
-i probs will only ever buy mac computers. i can't work pc's....and i'm biased.
-i hardly eat breakfast. i know i know, it's the most important meal of the day and all, but coffee fills me up and i CANNOT stop drinking it.
-i'm tired all the time. of course, this is credited to my lovely hypothyroidism, but yep, that's just another thing about me.
-i have an insane amount of money. this is because i don't ever spend it. i have a debit card but never take money out and i only spend it on the occasional piece of clothing or record and a chai tea latte.
-i have bad posture.
-i only have 2 pairs of pants.
-i'm not fond of mainstream music. this IS NOT because i think whatever most people listen to is automatically bad, but because there aren't many good mainstream bands that i know of. if there comes along a band that sounds amazing and yet everyone loves them, i will still like them. it has nothing to do with "selling out" (which i think is stupid) or that stereotyped hipster trait.
-i am so lazy when it comes to making my bed.

alrighty. i tag brooke, and...anyone who happens to view this post and wants to make a pointless survey. i can't think of anyone who would actually enjoy wasting their time like this haha.


brooke said...

my first tag :D

I loved reading all that about you. youre so awesome. jews, haha. cute.

thankyou, ill get onto this now!!

<3 brooke

brooke said...

ps, I have awful posture too, haha. And I have done your tags!!


brooke said...

hey! I am reading EIL because of EL+IC (his titles are so damn long)

i studied the latter for my major work for extension 2 english at school (long explanation - basically, it was my life for a few months). It is such an amazing book!!

Thanks again!


Mary said...

"-jews. this has already been explained."
Haha, I thought I was the only one, and I really hate wearing pants.

I am so jealous of you, Greece looks amazing...

hazel said...

i definitely can't work on pc's. i'm such a nerd. seriously. i don't eat breakfast either, i never make my bed, all the music on the top 20 billboard countdown usually sucks but i do enjoy the once-in-a-while Coldplay hit. i really like well dressed old ladies and men too.

oh. and. i'm a jew. haha. your blog is nice!

Anonymous said...

love this

ginny said...

i totally am with you on the studying thing. i just constantly think of college. and getting out of high school haha

well, we eastern europeans should just call our grandma's baba. :P

last shadow puppets = life over my summer break. i converted 3+ of my friends to the greatness of the age of the understatement album.

Stacy said...

Only two pairs of pants? That's amazing.