Saturday, 1 August 2009


thanks so much for all the recommendations in the last post!! i think i've decided on these because i'd wear them the most...and they're the cheapest haha.

here are some other things on my wishlist:

american apparel braided belt. my favorite braided belt (was my mom's from the 80s) broke the other day, so i need a replacement. this seems like a really good one!

i'd either get that color (asphalt) or creme.

i know it's way too early to be thinking about winter, but it's 97 degrees outside. not that i'm complaining (i don't mind the heat that much), but coats and ear muffs seem delightful right about now. this knitted head wrap is adorable and looks so soft and perfect for when you have a bad hair day and it's cold outside.

anything from this line, but especially the cinch dress and gathered skirt. love love love.

a huge pink flobby chiffon bow? yes please. it's right up my alley.

this dress is beautiful! i can't find anything that could possibly be ugly about it. haha.

and finally, the tri-blend halter romper thingy that everyone has. *sigh* i love looks so unbelievably comfy. and the turquoise one is a perfect color. plus, it's tri-blend (which, if you didn't know, is the softest stuff ever)!

if it just weren't for the ugly porno model..hehe just kidding. i just don't know..what do you think?

so yeah, that's all. a lot of stuff on my wishlist, haha. but aren't all of those things lovely?!

oh, and i got my hair cut and colored again. i'm trying to grow it out (wish me luck) and i didn't want it to look like a mullet during that process. so i went to my hairdresser and had him cut it to where it would grow stylishly.

creepy pose and bad picture but do you like it?

i just realized my last post was my 5oth! wee!


Kristin said...

lydia, would you like to become a follower of my blog:)?...I love how creative the pictures are!

Anonymous said...

Your hair is super cute! And, rompers scare me. But that's just my humble opinion. :)

blorange dice said...

wow, your hair is awesome! very smart of you to avoid mullets (: and.. that aa model is a little.. suggestive- in my parents terms haha. i love the braided belt!

p.s. word verification for this comment: goofs

jules said...

I love your hair style, it is so cute, I wish I could pull something off like that! You look a bit like Agnes Deyn. I love the bow, and I have the romper and it is so wonderful, I suggest you get it asap.

Emma said...

I love your hair!

The Clothes Horse said...

Love the color of your hair. That bow is adorable. I hear rompers are very awkward in public restrooms...i.e. you have to strip to use the toilet! Perhaps TMI, but it's made me re-think any warming towards rompes I was having!

Kristin said...

thanka lydia for your comment:)

somedaynewyorker said...

I love the chiffon bow. It would look so cute with your hair color.

Kumiko Mae said...

Your hair's awesome. Me wants to get a hair overhaul too