Thursday, 6 August 2009

i've been having a hard time lately, emotionally and physically, so to take my mind off things, i'm making a list of things i love:

1.the song lover's spit by broken social scene. i hadn't listened to this song in ages, but the other day i happened to hear it. it's so simple but really beautiful. the lyrics are actually really awful, but i'm not one to focus on lyrics...the music makes me happy!

2.pale pink. i have a mild obsession with this color. i don't know why. relationship with my mother. i don't know what i'd do without her.

4.this interview of julian casablancas:

same old charming jules. i mean, beirut! how more perfect could he get? i'm so excited.

5.coconut records. anybody who has two songs about summer deserves a place on my list. oh, and i'm absolutely in love with davy right now.

6.the fact that i really cannot compose melodies. (yes this is said with sarcasm)

7.the fact that, when i'm anxious and upset, the one thing that completely calms me down is listening to beirut.

8.the album i'm going away by the fiery furnaces. it's perfect and classic

9.this guy:

10.recording. hehe. we started recording with the wonderful salim nourallah today. we'll (hopefully) finish tomorrow.


Rebecca, The Clothes Horse said...

That guy is awesome and so is his shirt. Although I feel there should be a caption of, "Yeah right, you know I'm too pretty to read..."
Hope you feel better soon.

Isabel said...

I love Beirut too.

brooke said...

loving pale pink as well!!
thanks so much for your comment sweet one. I have always said I would love to have a tourist to show around Sydney, so we will definitely have to arrange this!! haha. and yes, I'm set for the next 6 months with my reading, for sure!!

Jowy said...

Pale pink is a very pretty color!

One Love,

Annie said...

ehmagooooood catcher in the rye guy literally made my heart skitter when I saw him on Sart. I was like YOU ARE PERFECT. and julian casablancas is a demi-god, I absolutely adore him.

ginny said...

ahhhh, the julian interview. i can't stand it. he's just too damn sexy/cool.

and coconut records is right on the border of being tacky like jason schwartzman's brother's band, rooney. but it's still fantastic!!

and i'm glad you love silent films as well!

yiqin; said...

I like that guy's hiar.