Sunday, 16 August 2009

here are some posts you definitely need to see!

check out this lovely balloon-inspired post.

i love wooden walrus. tasha's hilarious and absolutely adorable. just look at her amazing gloves!

i go to afeitar whenever i need any type of baking inspiration. helen's blog is always so happy and adorable!

this girl's blog is great. she's going on a one-year hiatus, but for a helluva good reason. see? i respect her so much for going on that mission. faith + music is a wonderful combination.

a really nice post by one of my dearest bloggers, brooke. oh, what i would do for ashley's hair. and i can't tell you how many times i've realized i have two stylistically different people battling inside me! haha. this is probably why i end up dressing part floral and girly, part punk and tomboy-ish.

elin has the ability to look wonderful with any haircut or color. i'm pretty sure she would look perfect even if she had blue hair.

in other news, i broke my favorite glasses. :( dunno when i'm going to get them fixed, but i hope soon! i wore them nearly every day.

also, i watched that tv movie about chanel the other night. lame-ish. i wish they had more french actors in the movie. but i did enjoy wishing i looked like barbora bobulova did in the movie. and, obviously, i adored the costumes. i imagine coco avant chanel is waaaay better. i need to see that movie. the wiki article says it'll be released here on september 25.

so i've jumped on the bandwagon and i'm now obsessed with it's on with alexa chung. i knew it would happen sooner or later...i'm just like, entranced by alexa's voice for some reason. heh, anyway, i've always loved her but i've refrained from watching the show because i thought it would spoil how i thought of her for some reason??? well that ain't true, and i adore her still. we are in a beautiful relationship. hahahah, ok, end creepiness!

sorry for the text-tastic posts lately...i'll make it up to ya.


Kristin said...

hi lydia!!

Isabel said...

I just discovered that Wooden Walrus blog yesterday, and I love it! She's positively adorable. Thanks for all the great links, Lydia.

ONiC said...

<3 the post. gonna check the links :]

Mary said...

! Adorable. Made me grin so much.
I too have a girl crush on Alexa Chung. I want her features! I want her style!

Fashion Addict said...

Will definitely check out these posts that you have linked to!

Oh and I wanted to let you know that I'm hosting a contest at my blog ( and I'm giving away a new watch so please stop by and enter!

Rebecca, The Clothes Horse said...

That Chanel movie was lame. But Coco Avante Chanel is going to be awesome and has lots of french stars.

yiqin; said...

I am so envious of alexa having an artic monkey boyf too!

issye margaretha kamal said...

your blog is so cool .
nice to know you :))