Friday, 14 August 2009

happy birthday

i missed this blog's one-year-anniversary. it was august 11! so happy belated anniversary to me. i can't imagine my life without that sad? yes, very. but hey, since i basically have no life, what better way to spend time than blogging? ok, yeah, i do have some type of a life, but it's definitely not as exciting as some people's lives. therefore, i turn to blogging. anyway, it's been a magnificent year and i'm so very glad i joined the blogosphere. thanks to anybody and everybody who has ever looked at this blog!

the above picture is supposed to signify the anniversary. haha. from some person on flickr...i can't remember.

what else...oh, go to to listen to my band's new tunes! yay! i'm so proud of us. too bad we have to take a zillion-month hiatus.

also, i watched two really amazing movies last night.
first one i saw was coffee and cigarettes. crazy weird, awkward, and didn't hardly ever make sense, but man, it was great. obviously the shorts with tom waits, iggy pop, and cate blanchett were my favorite. it's just these 12 short films relatively having to do with coffee & cigarettes. if you're into awkward moments and real, weird people interacting with other real, weird people, i recommend it.

the second film was phoebe in wonderland. it has elle fanning in it (yeah i don't like her older sister either, but seriously, this kid's pretty good).it's about a little girl who is obsessed, to the point of being OCD, with wonderland and the looking glass. anyone, from age 9 to 99, would enjoy this movie. although i don't know if i'd let a fragile child watch it...phoebe lichten has some serious issues that might freak kids out. but if you love alice in wonderland (like me, i think i'm pretty near obsession, too) and wild imaginations and beautiful little girl clothes (yeah, phoebe's fashion is awesome), watch it right now!

i can't wait for fall. fall doesn't come till november here, really; that's when the leaves change colors and the temperature drops a little. but when it does come, it's lovely. i usually start wishing for it around this time, when all the september issues of magazines come out. it's probably bad, because i buy all these cold-weather clothes in august and i'm not able to wear them until late october. haha. i do need some new denimz though. jeans and coats are the only things i "invest" in.

sorry i'm so non-fashion-centered lately, but i've been a leetle bit uninspired. everything i've been doing for the past few weeks has been music. i'm trying to concentrate on that, before i get bogged down with school work in september. i need to accomplish some music-making and reading. haha, so wish me luck! i've got like 4 books to read and MANY songs to write in 4 weeks!


brooke said...

happy first birthday, fine grime!!

aw. love that photo.

brooke said...

ps, thankyou so much for putting me on to wooden walrus! I love it!! she is so gorgeous :)


ONiC said...

happy blog anniversary :]

Mary said...

Happy birthday!

I know what you mean abotu fall... I love mid spring and mid fall, the transitional seasons... light trench coats and tights all the way!

yiqin; said...

Ah happy blog birthday :D

ginny said...

coffee and cigarettes!! totally want to see that!

and to wish dear ol' fine grime a happy b-day...

ryan manning said...


Isabel said...

Happy blog-aversary! Coffee and Cigarettes was a decent movie, the Iggy Pop short was definitely the best one.

P.S. -Flip flop platform are definitely in the running for WORST trend of all time. Gosh, I forgot how horrible they are!

Sarah A. said...

elle fanning is adorable!